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My Canada

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My Canada

I have been fortunate to visit
Some of our beautiful and vast land
From the Rockies, Lake Louise
Halifax to PEI's red sand

Toronto; strong in its diversity
Ottawa, a city I love so dear
Montreal, I watched my first NHL game
Even called my dad from there

Quebec, where my friends live
I've explored so many places
Especially the vast culture
That put smiles upon our faces

The Prairies I've never been
No reason can I give
Nor have I been up North
Where our Indigenous peoples live

Moncton, I've taught courses
And explored its many joys
Fort Mac after the fire
Calgary to visit my boys

Now the best I've left for last
I'm sure you'll understand
After all folks, come on
I am from Newfoundland

So, east we have St. John's
The city of history galore
Then down the coast of the boot
The Burin Peninsula's rocky shore

Up northeast a little ways
You'll find a million hidden delights
Make sure you take time
To watch the sunset on any given night

An isthmus to drive through
The fog gets pretty thick
Slow down, take your time
Actually, being alert, is the trick

Clarenville and Random Island
Look down at the view
As more of our elegance
Is laid out in front of you

Now mosey down the Bonavista shore
Way down in the bay
There are tons of little towns
That will be sure to make your day

Travel through Terra Nova National Park
Watch out for the moose
Past Eastport, Glovertown, Gambo
To the town named after the goose

You can rest awhile in Gander
A most welcoming place to be
Aviation, the Queens visit, Come From Away
Some of our fascinating history

All central Newfoundland
Has lots of charm to share
And if you branch off north or south
There's magic everywhere

In the Springdale area
A lovely birch forest you will spy
Take time to slow down
To capture its charm as you drive by

West we are now
Our mountains stand so tall
Confirming to the world
That Newfoundland has it all

The Great Northern Peninsula
Straight up the Newfoundland neck
Gros Morne National Park, Flowers Cove
So many historic places to check

Corner Brook, Deer Lake
Stephenville, Port aux Basques too
Cities, towns, communities
Waiting just for you

For around each bend you turn
A road leads you to some place
Don't matter which you take
The landscape puts a smile upon your face

Take a trip to Labrador
You could visit Goose Bay
Where breathing freezes your nostrils
It's that cold up there some days

Lab City, Wabush, Nain
There's Churchill Falls too
All lovely towns
In winter you need a skidoo

Hundreds and hundreds of communities
I could not name them all
They are waiting for your visit
Winter, spring summer or fall

Hike around our shores
Climb our mountains high
Capture all its glory
And heave the contentment sigh.

So, on this glorious day,
I'm a proud Canadian; of that I'm sure
But, I'm much prouder to be from
Newfoundland Labrador!

Pamela Peckford
Gander, NL

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