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The years don't fade the memories

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There's a place inside my mind, where the spray of the salt water ocean soothes my soul. Where the fabric of my childhood has been woven. Running down that hill, walking up that street, knowing the friendly faces of those I meet.

Home is the place inside my heart where I began. It's the word that starts and ends with me. It's when I close my eyes, I can clearly see; It's the place I'll always long to be.

I can still hear that church bell ringing on a sweet Sunday morning, smelling the Sunday dinner as we walked home.
Standing on that shoreline, the wild wind in my hair. The years don't fade the memories, I'm still there.

So leave the porch light on for me, I won't be gone for very long. I'll be back home before those streetlights come back on.

The years don't fade the memories, I'm still there.

(I am originally from St. George's NL.)

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