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We are Newfoundlanders
The people of "The Rock"
With our sense of humour,
We are a happy lot.
The weather's not always pleasant,
But it doesn't bother us.
We have learned to be quite patient
And not to make a fuss.
They tell us we are hardy,
And I believe it's true,
We face our daily problems
Without our getting blue.
We share with everybody,
We welcome everyone.
Hospitality is a virtue,
And it is not just for some.
Our doors are always open,
We share whate'er we can,
We show concern for others,
Every woman, every man.
So if you are a stranger
And you "come from away"
You'll get a great reception,
You will really want to stay
And join us Newfoundlanders
As we go our merry way.

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