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Saddle Shoes

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One time, back in the early fifties, I was a teenager and I discovered these really nice shoes at one of our stores. They were called 'saddle shoes'. They were an Oxford shoe with mostly white and some navy blue. I wanted those shoes so badly but I didn't know how much they cost. I still don't remember how much they cost, but I felt that I had to have them. Before I could muster up the nerve to ask my father to get the shoes, I ended up being put on complete bed rest. There was a problem with my heart - it was beating too fast and it had to be slowed down. I kept thinking about those saddle shoes though. Finally I was sprung from bed rest.

I finally got up the nerve to ask my father if he would pay for the shoes. He answered with "What do you want new shoes for? You can't walk anywhere!" I said "Well, I have to go to my doctor appointments." He said "Well couldn't you just borrow a pair of shoes?"

I ended up getting the saddle shoes. Never give up.

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