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Megan's Concern

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It was the year 1998 and I was home visiting for the umpteenth time. This time, I brought a friend. The Royal Regatta was on the go, and my wonderful (late) brother Bill decided to screech in my friend.

I stepped back to watch proceedings. About 15 minutes later, my niece Megan ran over to me crying and displaying a great outburst of concern and terrified for me, saying:

"Aunt Diane have nothing to do with him! Have nothing to with him Aunt Diane!"

I was worried and concerned about what was happening with Megan, she was about 5 years old. I became alarmed holding her and asking "Megan, sweetheart, what is wrong?" again she insisted over and over have nothing to do with him Aunt Diane! "But Megan, why?" I asked again and then she blurted out her reason:

I told this story at her wedding 20 years later, I can still hear the laughter from the guests!

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