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M.V. Theron and Sir Edmund Hillary. 1957-58

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Photo of m.v. Theron (in background) and Edmund Hillary in Antarctica , 1957.
The Theron, usually with a Joe Batts Arm (Fogo Island) crew of sealers, was engaged in the NL seal hunt for almost 20 yrs.
Maru was well known and much liked there.


john christopher

Capt Maru master of the Theron , a Norwegian, brought Ed Hillary and the advance party of the TAE to Antartica in 1957 /58 .....

john christopher

Sir Ed vacated his bunk on board the Theron after his TAE voyage and crossing of Antarctica in 1958... It was gifted to me by Capt Maro when I went aboard her for my voyages to the trad NL seal hunts in 1961 and 1962 ...It was quite a thrill!

john christopher

I spent the winter-springs of 1962 and 1963 on board the Theron.....offically as the FRB of C collector of harp seal specimens for population studies..Maru also appopinted me ship`s doctor.....what an experince!......I got to meet Ed Hillary a couple of times later.....wonderful fellow! well as Brigitte Bardot.on a Dartmouth NS dock , who gave me hell for being involved in the seal hunts.......I tried to explain my ( sort of ) innocent involvement but not very succsssfully ........JC

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