5/1/03 VIP Club Welcomes Members

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Nov 30, -0001 12:00 AM
Downhomer launches a new program offering our subscribers more benefits than ever before. Now readers not only save money off newsstand prices by subscribing to Downhomer, they're now privileged members of the V.I.P. Club as well.

For the $39* V.I.P Club membership fee, members receive a one-year (12 issues) subscription to Downhomer magazine, a full-colour 16-month Downhomer calendar delivered with the December issue, and a V.I.P. discount card that is accepted at hundreds of participating locations.

Downhomer President Grant Young is proud of the level of customer service this new program has achieved. "By buying a subscription, not only are our customers getting a great magazine, they can also save hundreds of dollars a year at V.I.P. Club member businesses," he says.

The largest number of business partners currently in the V.I.P. Club is located in Newfoundland and Labrador, but the program is catching on quickly and interest in it is coming from farther afield. Grant says, "We already have a number of business members across Canada and membership is growing every month."

For the convenience of all our V.I.P. Club members, Downhomer has created a Web site dedicated to the program at www.vipclubaccess.ca, making it easy to search for V.I.P. member businesses, find answers to frequently asked questions or sign up online and become one of our 20,000 V.I.P. Club members.

* $39 within Canada, $49 elsewhere