Camping Games

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Apr 23, 2009 2:14 PM
Do you like playing volleyball? Horseshoes? Golf? Tug-of-war? Do your children love playing the old favourite "Duck-duck-goose"? Whether you're spending your spare time this summer at a campground, in a gravel pit or just hanging out in your backyard, here are rules for these classic outdoor games - each with a twist that is sure to heat up the competition, and pile on the laughs.

Blind Beach Volleyball
Instead of playing regular old volleyball, add a few twists into the mix this summer. Set up your net as you would for a regular game of volleyball, but hang a blanket or tarp over the mesh so neither team will be able to see the ball as it approaches from the other side. Instead of a volleyball, use a beach ball that will sail easily up and over the net - and it won't hurt so much if you get nailed in the head with a ball you didn't see coming!

Washer Toss
Gather up six washers (2.5-inch), some PVC pipe (4.5-inch) and materials to make a crude wooden frame, and you're set to play what has been touted the "hillbilly" version of horseshoes! Create two 16 x 16 x 5.5-inch wooden frames, place them on the ground about 20 feet apart, and drive the PVC pipes into the ground at the centre of each frame. From one frame, the first player tosses all his/her washers towards the opposite frame (one at a time). Then, the opponent takes his/her turn. A "ringer" (washer inside the pipe) is awarded 3 points. A "leaner" (washer inside the frame, but not inside the pipe) is awarded 1 point. Should both players land a washer inside the pipe, the second thrower takes the points while the first thrower's points are negated.

Disc Golf
No need to lug your precious golf clubs to the dusty gravel pits! To play disc golf, all you need is a large bucket or basket, a tree to hang it from (plus some rope or a chain) and disc golf discs (or Frisbees). Just find a vast, open area, and away you go. Participants throw their discs at a starting distance of about 150 feet from the "hole" (the bucket or basket). Each consecutive shot is thrown from the place where the previous shot landed. The winner is the player who sends his/her disc sailing into the hole in the least number of throws.

Tug-of-War (You Won't Want to Lose)
Sometimes, designating "winners" and "losers" in a game isn't enough; sometimes, penalties are in order! Stage your next game of tug-of-war with opposing teams on either side of a puddle of water (or mud!). Whoever loses has to pay the price - while the winners run for their cameras to capture the weaklings' embarrassing predicament for posterity.

Drip, Drip, Splash!
You can consider this game a summertime version of the old favourite, "Duck, Duck, Goose." In Drip, Drip, Splash! players sit in a circle while one player (chosen at random) gets up and walks around the exterior with a cup (or even a bucket!) of cold water. As the player walks, he/she must drip a few drops of water on the heads of the players. The player continues around the circle drip-drip-dripping on the group until deciding upon one unlucky individual who gets "splashed." When the remaining water is dumped onto that person's head, the "splashed" jumps up and chases the "splasher" around the circle. If the splasher manages to run back to his/her spot in the circle without getting caught, the splashed is now "it." If the splasher is caught, than he/she is "it" for another turn.