Lovin' Place Names

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  • Posted: Apr 21, 2009 11:54 AM
Heart's Content Lighthouse, Newfoundland

With miles of rugged, beautiful coastline and unending gorgeous scenery, the four Atlantic Provinces provide the perfect setting for romance. It's no surprise, then, that town and community names reflect those lovin' feelings. Here is a list of those romantic placenames:

New Brunswick:
Blissfield, Blissville
Fairhaven, Fairisle, Fairvale
Hopewell Cape
Mount Pleasant
Pleasant Ridge
Princess Park
Sunny Corner, Sunnyside

Newfoundland and Labrador:
Angels Cove
Chapel Arm, Chapels Cove
Comfort Cove
Conception Bay South, Conception Harbour
Diamond Cove
Doting Cove
Dove Brook
Fair Haven
Flower's Cove
Happy Adventure, Happy Valley
Harbour Grace
Heart's Content, Heart's Delight, Heart's Desire
Hopeall, Hopedale
Knight's Cove
L'Anse Amour
Little Heart's Ease
Point Rosie
Snug Harbour
St. Bride's
Sweet Bay
Tickle Beach, Tickle Cove, Tickle Harbour
Toogood Arm

Nova Scotia:
Bloomfield, Bloomington
Chapel Island
Church Point, Churchview, Churchville
Crystal Cliffs
Darling Lake
Garden of Eden
Harmony, Harmony Mills
Lake La Rose
Mount Pleasant
Pleasant Bay, Pleasant Harbour, Pleasant Lake, Pleasant Point, Pleasant River, Pleasant Valley, Pleasantfield, Pleasantville
Rose, Rose Bay, Roseway, St. Rose
Sunny Brae

Prince Edward Island:
Mount Pleasant
Pleasant Grove, Pleasant View
Priest Pond

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