Who are They?

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Dec 24, 2008 10:03 AM
Robert Pike of St. John's, NL found this old photo in a drawer. He writes, "It is my class photo from Curtis Academy, St. John's. I am not sure of the grade or year but believe it to be grade 5 or 6 and possibly 1969/70. Some of the faces are familiar but very few of the names are coming back to me."

Can you help Robert identify his former classmates? Leave a comment (see left) if you can identify any of the students in this photograph. For a closer look, click to enlarge the photo, below.

randy king

Could not clearly see the faces,but my brother George King went there.I can not be sure if it's him in the back row,4th from the left.Do you know who the theacher is ,as it may help?

Debbie Leherbauer

If the photo was a little larger I might be able to better distinguish the faces. They do look familiar to me but I don't recognize the teacher. My brother may be the one with glasses. maybe not. I know there was an asian girl in my brother's class..and her sister in mine. Sue Ping Au and Sue Moy(?i forget the correct spelling) Au. Sue Ping looks like the girl in top row but I could be mistaken. oh my brother is George Blandford