• Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Dec 31, 1969 8:30 PM

Bernice Case

I just logged on to view the pictures for the 2009 Calendar Contest. They are all very beautiful. I love the one of Trouting in Big Pond. It must be hard to choose the final entries because I know you get thousands and thousands and thousands of entries. The Judges must have a difficult time making their choices for I'm sure they see beauty in all the pictures. Hats off to all the people that submit their "personal" photo's to the Downhome...so people "like us" reading this article can enjoy such amazing pictures. Cheers, Bernice Case

Bob Kirby

I look at this photo and immeadiatly think of a barren rule of thirds and boring photo

kathleen fewer

Having viewed the final pics for 2009 calendar, and having seen some of the other submissions, I think its time you fired the current judges for such a selection. My opinion is that out of the total selections for calendar, one or two would only be a maybe. There were so many beautiful, inspiring, unbiased, eyecatching entries that I am still gaping in horror at the final selections. Shame on the judges whomever they are.