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  • Posted: Nov 30, -0001 12:00 AM
Eric Roberts, formerly of Hare Bay, Newfoundland, took an old copy of Downhome, along with a recent issue of another great Downhome publication, Gatherings, on a cruise of Antarctica in February 2008.

Though Downhome is a celebration of Canada's East Coast lifestyle, the magazine travels all over the world, to loyal readers who live or travel abroad.

Downhome on the Job
Dion Thompson (left) and Kevin Hynes (right) kept a copy of Downhome close at hand on board the Maersk Detector while they were doing an anchor job on the rig Deep Sea Trym in Olen, Norway.
Via e-mail

A Bit of Newfoundland in Disneyland
"This is a photo of our daughter Brittany enjoying a little read from our Downhome while visiting Mickey and Minnie last. There is usually a bit of a contest between Brittany and her dad to see who can finish the word games first!"
Jody Smith
Leduc, Alberta

Seeing the World
My family & I just returned from an amazing adventure through Singapore & India. This experience will last a lifetime. I wondered, "How did a small town girl from Musgravetown end up in a place like this?" I travelled there and took my Downhome with me. After I finished reading it I left it at the resort to share with others. I cannot explain to you this beautiful country of India; I had goose bumps when I first glanced at the Taj Mahal."
Vi Sharma (Burt)
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Give it to me!
During a family Caribbean cruise, cousins Claire Foss and Sally Ralph faught over the March 2008 issue of Downhome.
Tara Ralph
Ottawa, Ontario