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  • Posted: Apr 25, 2008 2:42 PM
The Silent Time
Paul Rowe
Killick Press

Short-listed for the Winterset Award, Paul Rowe's first novel, The Silent Time, is a gripping story of tragedy and eventual triumph for a family in a fictional Newfoundland outport. After marrying an older man, Leona Merrigan escapes her meager existence in Three Brooks and moves to Knock Harbour on the Cape Shore. Here, she gives birth to three sons and finds a happiness she'd never known before. But the life Leona has created is shattered when she makes a split-second decision that results in the tragic loss of her family.

Years later, Leona is considered somewhat of a recluse, alone but for the company of her deaf daughter, Dulcie, and the men who come to purchase her moonshine. But life gradually improves for Leona and Dulcie with the intervention of a compassionate politician who puts their welfare above his own. The dramatic story unfolds against a backdrop of important events in Newfoundland's history. Rowe will make you fall in love with Leona and Dulcie, who persevere in the face of enormous odds to overcome the tragedies of their past.

Red Eye Tonight
Mary Barry
Aurora Music

St. John's-native Mary Barry has received much praise since the release of her latest album, Red Eye Tonight, winning both Female Artist of the Year and Jazz/Blues Artist of the Year at the 2007 Music Industry Awards of Newfoundland and Labrador - and rightfully so. The success of her third independent studio album is a testament to her incredible talent. Barry's voice is at once soft and lively, accompanied by the spirited energy of an instrumental band. A bilingual singer/songwriter, Barry includes two beautiful French songs among the 13 tracks on this album. The sultry sound of Red Eye Tonight has secured a Barry firm footing among the great singers of this province.

The Case of the Missing Beauties
Freeman B. Cull
DRC Publishing

In his third book, Freeman B. Cull has brought to life true stories of violent deaths and mysterious disappearances that took place many years ago on Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula. He has infused these stories with fictitious detail to provide "answers" to the unsolved and the unknown, weaving together a trio of tragic tales based on true events involving three brave women. Beginning with the facts as they are known, Cull has used his imaginative mind to fill in the details of the real disappearances of Beryl Roberts, Nancy Hope and Mary Reardon. All met with extraordinary circumstances that have kept their mysterious tales alive long after they each went missing. In Cull's dramatic tales, one died searching for her children in a raging blizzard; another scooped up her children and slipped out of town leaving little trace; and another ended up the victim of an accidental murder and subsequent coverup.