Not in Love? Wait a Second

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Nov 30, -0001 12:00 AM
Last year, a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology gave scientific merit to all those happy couples who claim to have known at first glimpse that they'd found their true love. According to the study's findings, it takes half a second for people to decide if the person they've just met would make a good mate for life. Here are some personal accounts from visitors to Downhome's online forum, "The Kitchen," who say they have good reason to believe in love at first sight:

"I believe in love at first sight, absolutely. When I first met my husband we were roommates. I knew when I saw him that I would marry him someday, no matter what. We fell in love, got married and the rest (as clichéd as it might sound) is history!"
Krista Chatman

"I do believe in love at first sight, although that's not what happened to me, but apparently it's what happened to my husband. He knew the first time he saw me we would get married, he just didn't realize how long that would take. I had known about him since I was in Grade 5, when he was going out with one of my classmates. We hadn't met at that time and it would be a few years before we did. He also went out with another classmate and two of my friends before we actually met.

When I was 17 and he was almost 18, he was driving around with a friend of his when my girlfriends stopped them to chat. They were playing what was considered a "dirty" Gene Tracy Truck Stop 8-track and we wanted to listen to it. The next thing we knew we were in Appleton (we were all from Grand Falls-Windsor), and as far as I was concerned he had the hots for the girl that sat in the backseat with me. But during a heated conversation he said something and I told him to "come back here and say that!" Next thing I knew, the driver pulled over, and out hubby jumped and sat between me and my friend. I know I am not the brightest light in the lamp, but I knew then that he liked me. That was the beginning for us, and that was almost 38 years ago.

He often tells another story, about when I once told him (in a rather colourful way) to leave me alone. I am so glad now that he didn't listen to me."

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