December 2020 Puzzle Answers

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  • Posted: Nov 30, 2020 2:22 PM

The Beaten Path
Rose Blanche


Downhomer Detective
Pouch Cove

Picturesque Placenames
Bluff Head Cove

In Other Words 
Throw Caution to the Wind
A Way With Words
Split peas

Rhyme Time
1. shocking stocking, 2. best rest, 3. red sled

Scrambled Sayings
He who devotes sixteen hours a day to hard study
may become at sixty as wise as he thought himself at twenty.

Rhymes 5 Times
1. sock, 2. rock, 3. dock, 4. mock, 5. lock

Sounds Familiar
A backstreet alley
A countertop
Tangled Towns
1. Colinet, 2. Mitchells Brook, 3. Admirals Beach, 4. Riverhead, 5. Gaskiers

Analogical Anagrams
1. thesaurus, 2. selfie, 3. monogram, 4. ladder, 5. desserts

Four-way Crossword Puzzle

The Bayman's Crossword Puzzle


Dial A Smile

Tact is the ability to describe others as they see themselves.

Crack the Code

The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values
Food For Thought
If the grass is greener on the other side,you can bet the water bill is higher.
Different Strokes
1. Magazine; 2. Tree, 3. Reins, 4. Skis, 5. Church, 6. Roof, 7. Ern's arm, 8. Cap, 9. Glove, 10. Antler,
11. Reindeer's leg, 12. Snowflakes

Hide and Seek