Stay Out!

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Oct 21, 2016 12:00 AM

In my life l have had three experiences with ghosts. The one I’m writing about now happened when my children were young.

It was during the month of February many years ago, and my sister's family was going away for a few days. She needed someone to come by the house each morning and night to put the dog in and out, and take care of her plant seedlings. My daughter, Monica, offered her help and the first three days went off without a hitch. It was on the evening of the fourth day that unexplained, frightening things happened. 

It was dark when my daughter and I dropped in. Monica went around back to call for the dog and get her food for the evening, while I descended the stairs into the basement to take care of the plants. Making my way downstairs, a haphazard scene appeared before me. All the shoes and boots from the closet were inexplicably strewn across the floor. And two large men’s boots were placed, toe-to-toe, in front of the room where my sister kept her plants. It was an eerie sight, and I felt that someone wasn't happy with me going in there. 

I wasn’t long heading back upstairs, grabbing Monica and racing for home. On the way, we kept checking to make sure nothing was after us. I never realized how close we were pressed together as we raced home until later on, as I was telling my husband what we saw, when I noticed my shoulder was sore. 

My husband drove us back to my sister’s house and looked all around, but nothing was amiss - neither a shoe nor a boot out of place. The next day l told my sister what happened and she said, “Oh that’s just the mother-in-law. Since she passed, many strange things have happened. Sometimes, when we are just sitting around, the vacuum comes on - and we figure she’s just trying to tell us the house needs cleaning.” By Fritz Young

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