Top 10 Adventure Riding Routes

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  • Posted: Sep 19, 2016 12:25 PM
Robert Miller of St. John's has a passion for exploring the province's nooks and crannies on his adventure motorcycle.

Adventure riding enthusiast Robert Miller of St. John's offers the following tips for finding trails in Newfoundland and Labrador, plus a list of his own favourite routes. To find out more about adventure riding in this province, click here

• Start at the End. Robert says many riding routes can be found by simply heading to the very end of a road in a small community - and just continuing on past the pavement. Not always, but oftentimes, he says, “it will eventually turn to a dirt trail.”

• Google Gaffes. “You hear stories of people in an RV driving off into the woods and getting stuck because they followed their GPS,” says Robert. He says typically these are old roads that haven’t been maintained for vehicular traffic in decades - but can be ideal for adventure riding. Before heading out, have a close look at Google Earth, checking for obvious paths, which the software may wrongly recognize as real roads!

• Ask a Local. Long-time residents of communities have been a wealth of information for Robert, pointing him to alternate, back-country routes to neighbouring towns.

• ATV Trails. Trails used by all-terrain vehicles are sometimes suitable for adventure bikes, so long as they aren’t littered with major obstacles, says Robert. Avoid ATV trails that have formed a centre hump because you’ll be “driving on either side with one hand in the trees, and if you go on the centre hump you tend to fall off,” he warns.

• Respect the Rules. Never trespass on private property and never explore any area or trail that prohibits riding.  

Top 10 Adventure Riding Routes

1. Cable John Cove

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"I'll admit, it's short, but possibly the best view in NL," says Robert.

2. English Harbour to Horse Chops

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"Long, spectacular cliffs, great to see if you can avoid the fog," says Robert.

3. St. Lawrence Mining Roads

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"Long, lots of routes, well maintained, lots of viewpoints," says Robert.

4. St. Lawrence to Lawn to Lord's Cove

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"Very long, some challenging sections, lots of viewpoints, makes a great day," says Robert.

5. Garnish to Point Rosie

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"Challenging; some sandy beach driving; no established trail; cool, abandoned town," says Robert. (Track not shown.)

6. Wild Beach

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"Nice place to bring a lunch," Robert advises.

7. Old Perlican to Grates Cove

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"Daniel's Cove Road from Old Perlican to Grates Cove - it makes going to Grates Cove lots of fun!" says Robert.

8. The Ride to Cape Race

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"The road to Cape Race, long and dusty in a car, [is] a bit of fun on an ADV bike," says Robert.

9. Cape St. Francis and Biscayan Cove Road

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"Like Cape Race, but shorter, closer to the city, and with a nice place to stop on a wharf," says Robert.

10. The Trans-Labrador Highway

"Most ADV riders lament the paving of it, but understand why locals are begging for this," says Robert.