Boys & Girls of Bell Island

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  • Posted: Apr 21, 2015 3:10 PM

Reader Muriel White submitted this old photo of students who attended Beach School on Bell Island, Newfoundland back in 1921. Half of the approximately 70 children pictured here share the same three surnames: Bennett, Butler and Skanes. Here is the complete list of names:

Bottom row (l-r): Winfield Parsons, Gordon Lamswood, Rex LeDrew, Ronald Dicks, Robert Bennett, Thomas King, William King, Henry King, Max Rowe, Roy Skanes, Clarence Parsons, Herbert Pike, Hubert Bennett, James Bennett, Austin Bennett.

Second Row (l-r): Seline Searle (Dwyer), Suzanne Normore (King), Hilda Bennett (Gover), Evelyn Dicks, Lillian Bennett (Murphy), Vide Bennett, teacher Irene Bennett (Stewart), teacher Mr. W.R. Sheppard, Rev. J. Stead & Joan Stead, music teacher Marie Baggs, Doris Bennett, Muriel Butler (Squires), Alfreda Butler (Clarke), Lillian Searle (Warford), Greta Normore (Sheppard), Dorothy Bennett (Squires), Florence Normore (Bugden).

Third Row (l-r): Hubert Butler, Hazel Rees, Ivy Parsons (Clarke), Edith Lamswood, Laura Normore, Marie Skanes (Mercer), Mary Bennett (Moore), Maisie Bennett (Parsons), May Bennett (Butler), Aseneth Bennett, Ann Skanes, Pearle Normore, Emily King, Isabelle Skanes.

Fourth Row (l-r): Frank Dicks, Warwick Bennett, Robert Butler, Grace Bennett (Jackman), Annie Rowe, Leonard Butler, Edgar Bennett, Gordon Bennett, Leroy Tulk, Guy Normore, Harold Bennett, Walter Searle, Cyril Butler, Winnie Lamswood, Alfreda Skanes.

Fifth Row (l-r): Reg LeDrew, Walter Dicks, Thomas Rothman, Harry Somerton, Jack Bennett, Gilbert (Bert) Parsons, Ted Tulk (partly seen), Maud Parsons (Kennedy), Elsie Skanes (Kitchen), Bessie Butler (Parsons), Hiram Bennett, Wallace Bennett, Merle Skanes.

For a closer look at the young faces in the above image, click here.

Billy Lee

Just read April's edition you got me with Monie keep up the good work. ps my wife couldn't understand why I was crying , (made me laugh so hard )