Sealing, In Good Taste

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Apr 10, 2015 9:52 AM
Downhome editor Janice Stuckless

You know what I think of when I see a photo of a seal? Dinner.

There’s nothing like a feed of seal flippers in the spring. Nothing tastes like seal - it’s dark, rich, fishy, oily. And that dark gravy over mashed potatoes? Oh boy!

Those who don’t like seal meat or think the mammals are too cute to eat will no doubt label me a barbarian. But what’s the issue really? Is a seal’s life any more valuable than a cow’s? A chicken’s? A pig’s? For those who don’t eat meat, it’s all the same. And for those who do eat meat, it should still be all the same.

Why kick up such a fuss over hunting a thriving population of wild animal? Because a celebrity in some distant sphere of their own has chosen seals as their cause célèbre? Because the anti-sealing movement has been successful at making “saving seals” trendy? You know what’s also trendy? Free range food is trendy. You can’t get more free range than living wildly on a moving ice floe. Organic is trendy. There are no hormones or antibiotics injected into seals to make them more profitable; nothing genetically modified about their meat; no pesticides sprayed on their food sources. Omega-3 fatty acids are trendy. Seal meat is rich in essential omega-3 oils, and the meat is a good source of dietary protein and iron.

Granted, seal meat is an acquired taste. Most of my friends can’t stand it or, more commonly, have never tried it. But I don’t give them a hard time about it, and they don’t go all crazy on me for eating it. We’re still friends and nobody gets hurt. That’s just sensible, isn’t it? - By Janice Stuckless, Downhome Editor

Pat Callahan

Boggles my mind, Janice, how some reality hunting has been turned into acceptable TV shows, e.g., "Swamp People" hunting alligator, "American Hoggers" hunting wild boar - these are living creatures too - yet it doesn't seem acceptable to hunt seals even though they aren't an endangered species. Oh, another one "Fear Factor" where it's acceptable to eat "live" critters.