What Is This?

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  • Posted: Feb 18, 2014 12:51 PM
Photo courtesy Eric Quinlan

Reader Eric Quinlan of Tiverton, Ontario recently sent in this photo of a mystery object that was found in Newfoundland more than 70 years ago. He writes, "My sister-in-law's father found it on the beach in Botwood in 1942. It's a hollow brass cylinder approximately 3.5 inches in length and just over 0.5 inch in diameter. The item on the left screws into the hollow of the cylinder. The item on the left also has what seems like a miniature spoon on its end, albeit the 'spoon' is quite shallow. It appears this item was manufactured in England and may have something to do with the Second World War."

If you recognize this object as something you once used or owned - or even if you have a good guess as to what it may be - please help solve the mystery by leaving a comment on this article, or by calling 1-866-640-1999. We'll share what we learn from you in a future issue.

Mystery solved
We were overwhelmed with responses to our last "mystery object" (pictured below), which turned out to be a component of a seaman's hammock. Have a listen to some of the interesting responses we received via our toll-free submission phone line.

Courtesy Lloyd Pretty

Jonathan Seaward, retired chief petty officer with the Royal Canadian Navy, offered the following explanation.

Watson Strong wasn't long figuring out our mystery.

Wayne Grasser explains why he is more than a little familiar with "hammock clews."

For those of you who'd like to see how hammock clews are made, reader Orville Reeves sent us a link to this video.

Are you in possession of some object that defies explanation? Submit a photo of it here, along with a description of where and when you found it, and with the help of our readers we'll try our best to solve another mystery.