Babes in the Woods

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Oct 10, 2013 4:12 PM
Reader Karen Keats had a few new residents move into her backyard in St. Anthony this past spring.

Did you know a new-born fox can be called either a kit or a pup - and a seal's young is known as both a pup and a whelp? By whatever name they're called, infants of all sorts are as cute as all get-out. Just check out the following Downhome reader photos to satisfy your daily dose of cute!

Following Mama Bear

Submitted by Deon Dicks

Caribou Cuddle

Submitted by Krista Escott

Curious Kits

Submitted by Melanie Whalen

Seagull Chick

Submitted by Kevin Hunt and Cindy Bixby

Growing Grouse

Submitted by Ernest Jackman

Havin' a Laugh

Submitted by Karen Hann

Treetop Tots

Submitted by Kimberly Normore

Leading the Quack Pack

Submitted by Rod Power

The Shy Fox

Submitted by Linda Brake

Swimming Lessons

Submitted by Sharon Norman


Submitted by Curtis Sheppard

Making Friends

Submitted by Melissa Dwyer