"Thrones" of Newfoundland

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  • Posted: Mar 21, 2013 6:57 PM
This impressive outhouse, located in Chance Harbour, Newfoundland, looks like it may have been decorated by a professional!

Amy Adams of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland says this stylish outhouse is the "nicest outdoor toilet in Chance Harbour" - but we wager it might just be the nicest outhouse in all of Newfoundland and Labrador! According to Amy, the outhouse (built by Larry Holloway) is "well-vented and features soothing lavender walls, a beautifully landscaped walkway and patio, framed art, up-to-date reading material AND a chandelier!" Here are some other fun photos of outhouses spotted around the island.

Size Doesn't Matter


What parent wouldn't want to "go" alongside their youngster?
Submitted by David Mouland

False Advertising

If you've ever used an outhouse, you know it's nothing like a toilet. Submitted by Pamela Park of Gillams, N.L.

Nature's Air Freshener


Because Febreze can only do so much...
Submitted by Lorna Pike of Spaniard's Bay, N.L.

Just When you Thought Facebook had Privacy Issues...

"This is a picture I took at our friends' cabin in Deer Harbour. They put in a new toilet and placed this one outside. It's usable but only if you pee!" writes the submitter. Submitted by Harold Organ of Flatrock, N.L.

Old and New

Perhaps the extra "bathroom" was a selling point for this new home in Hart's Cove, Twillingate. Submitted by Nick Adey of Twillingate, N.L.

Hang Onto Your Seat!


This outhouse, on the grounds of the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse, was photographed in the 1940s. The submitter writes, "What makes this outhouse unusual is that it was built to hang over the cliff because the rock was too hard to dig through. The children were always afraid of falling in when they used it!" Submitted by Crystal Randell of Bonavista, N.L.

Cold Feet & an Empty Bladder


Taken at the wedding of Peter Glover and Krysta Wells in June 2000
Submitted by Scott Cook, Cook Photography, Gander, N.L.

A Long Walk Short-taken

The boardwalk to the Delaney's old outhouse at their cabin in Frederickton, Newfoundland sure tests their guests' abilities to "hold it." (Photo by Sarah Babychuk) Submitted by Alicia Celeste Loughrey of Ajax, O.N.