Best Clothespin Ever

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Nov 30, -0001 12:00 AM
Fred Skinner's unique clothespin

Recently, reader Fred Skinner wrote to Downhome wondering about the purpose behind a uniquely constructed clothespin given to him by a relative. Since running his photo of the clothespin in an issue of Downhome, we've heard from several readers with theories regarding the usefulness of the "best clothespin ever."

Hear what reader Angela Warford had to say:

Reader John Phillips had another idea:

And Anita & Paul Desroches wrote: My husband and I were going through our latest Downhome magazine when we saw the picture of the "two-headed" clothespin. My husband immediately said to me, "Do you know why it is like that?" I said no and he proceeded to tell me that back in the 1950s there was no galvanized clothesline or coated clothesline like we have today. The clotheslines were made of steel wire and, of course, when you would hang up wet clothes you would end up with a wonderful dirty, grey spot where the clothes were wrapped around the clothesline. So the two-headed clothespin took care of that by pinning one end to the clothesline and then pinning your clothes to the other end! My husband says he also remembers seeing his mother use pieces of paper to put against the line before she would attach her wet clothes, to stop them from being damaged by the steel clothesline.

Who do you think is correct? Do you have an alternate explanation? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.