The Most EXTREME Newfoundlanders

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  • Posted: Jul 18, 2012 12:02 PM
Reader Scott Young snapped a photo of this truck, obviously owned by a Newfoundland and Labrador patriot, in Peterview, Newfoundland.

Some folks sport sou'westers and fly the provincial (or the pink, white and green) flag to express their homeland heritage. Others opt for more...unconventional displays of provincial pride. Just check out the following submissions from these ultimate Newfoundlanders and Labradorians!

He Wishes he Was "Back" on the Rock

"I decided to show my pride in where I come from, especially as I live on the other side of the Atlantic. If nothing else it can be a good conversation piece, as most people here don't know what a 'Newfie' is."
Submitted by Andrew Willans (of Ipswich, England)

Is That a Lassie Bun in her Oven?

"This is my daughter Krista who is nine months pregnant. She is living in Olds, Alberta and has been away for five years. Can you tell that she wants her little one to be a Newfie?"
Submitted by Elaine Wheeler

Shoulder to Shoulder, They'll Answer Newfoundland's Call

"Brad and Daniel, while working in Alberta several years ago, decided to design and get the same tattoo of the island of Newfoundland, done in pink, white and green, with the present flag of NL going through the island portion. Brad's is on the left shoulder, Daniel's on the right.The idea was that, shoulder to shoulder, they were brothers! David decided, as a surprise Christmas present, to get the same."
Submitted by Jane Lait

Our Corky Finds a More Permanent Home...

"My husband (Terry Newhook) loves your magazine and looking for Corky. He loves Corky so much he went and got Corky tattooed on his arm. As you see, under Corky he has 60 40 - that is because every time someone asks him, 'How are you?' He replies, '60 40.'"
Submitted by Sandra Newhook

Down-home Design

"This is a self-designed tattoo on our daughter's thigh. She is half Newfoundlander but has never been to Newfoundland, so until that time she carries Newfoundland with her."
Submitted by Lynda and Ian Mercer

Where Once They Stood They Stand

"Now that we're living in Ontario, my family and I are often homesick. Valley Pond (Whales Gulch), Newfoundland will always be considered 'home' to us. My mom and I recently got this matching tattoo on our feet as proof!"
Submitted by Tonya Rideout

Home is Where His Heart Is

"I'm a homesick Newfie, it's always in my heart. I built a new bar in my basement this past winter and got an art student, Charmaine Collins, to draw a mural of my beloved homeland. I'm proud of it, and at my parties it will be my way of showing off my Newfoundland, my home."
Submitted by Wayne Brake

Stuck on Newfoundland!

"Kailey's Grama and Pop brought her some stickers from Newfoundland. She decided to use them right away!"
Submitted by Courtney Richardson

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