Some Like it Hot

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Jun 21, 2012 12:37 PM
In May, the Moksha Hot Yoga studio in St. John's - the first and only studio in the province to specialize in hot yoga - held their Open House Sangha Soiree to spread the word that hot yoga has come to Newfoundland. Studio owner Jill Holden says, "Sangha means community. Our Sangha Soiree theme for the Open House party allowed people a chance to learn more about our new and growing community and to help us celebrate that." Jill says the event helped more people learn about the benefits of this form of yoga, which is relatively new to the province.

So what are the benefits of hot yoga? Hot yoga is a series of poses done in a room heated at 37°C, making for an intentionally sweaty workout. Practicing yoga in this way has followers around the world and is credited with several benefits, including:

-Building upper and lower body strength, balance and flexibility
-Improving cardiovascular health.
-Stretching, strengthening and toning the muscles
-Detoxifying the body
-Calming the mind
-Injury recovery
-Improvement for those suffering from arthritis, depression and digestive issues

Interested in giving hot yoga a try? The following are yoga studios in Atlantic Canada that specialize in hot yoga:

Newfoundland and Labrador
Moksha Yoga St. John's

Nova Scotia
Moksha Yoga Halifax
Moksha Yoga Dartmouth
Enfield Hot Yoga

New Brunswick
Dynamic Fitness
Moksha Yoga Fredericton

Prince Edward Island
Dynamic Fitness
Moksha Yoga Charlottetown