Best Kind Brides

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  • Posted: Jun 13, 2012 3:26 PM
You May Kiss the Cod! (Photo by Adam Clarke)

As the weather warms and weddings get on the go, some Newfoundland brides decide to forgo the stilettos! Check out some of the best wacky wedding photos submitted by Downhome readers.

"Well it is, love," said I, "with me rubber boots on."
(lyric from traditional song "Rubber Boots")


Photo by Robynn Howse

Married on "Da Rock"

Photo by Darbi Hatt

Someone's Got Cold Feet?


Photo by Cynthia Oliver

Who Knew Rubbers Could Look so Classy?


Photo by Glenda Symes

The Groom's not the Only One Who's Hooked!


Photo by Heather Paul

An Unexpected Wedding Guest!

Photo by Kristen Bromley

A Downhome Wedding

Photo by Marilee-Simmonds Melnik

"Couldn't You Have Done that Before the Ceremony?!"


Photo by Scott Cook

Let's Hope the Reception Hall is More Spacious!


Photo by Susan Coates

This Wedding's on Wheels!

Photo by Marilyn Crummey

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