Who Ya Gonna Call?

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Sep 23, 2011 12:35 PM
By Linda Browne

If you live on Prince Edward Island and are having trouble with spirits, spooks and other strange phenomena, Rosalind Hennigar wants to help.

Rosalind founded the Island Paranormal Research Group (which has been six years in the making) in Charlottetown. Consisting of two other members, the group - whose services are free of charge - uses gear like a high-definition night shot video camera, digital voice recorder (which picks up electronic voice phenomena, or EVP) and a compass (to read magnetic energy) to help them investigate paranormal phenomena. But be wary of comparing them to certain pop culture parapsychologists.

"We're not ghostbusters. We don't run around with vacuum cleaners," Rosalind clarifies with a good-natured chuckle.

"We're paranormal investigators."

Rosalind's interest in the paranormal - a field she has been passionately researching for about 17 years - stems from when she was a young girl.

"Since I was a kid, I've had strange experiences that I couldn't explain...your parents kind of try to tell you that it's all your imagination, but I knew it wasn't...and that's where it started," she says.

"People can look at me strange, they can call me crazy, but there's enough for me to believe."

Rosalind Hennigar (right) and Cheryl Sigouin of the Island Paranormal Research Group

The group has mostly been researching and investigating environmental cases (ie: hauntings/paranormal activity at historical sites, graveyards etc.), but have recently taken on some residential cases as well. They are professionals in their work, Rosalind says, keeping their sources and clients' information strictly confidential. The group's motto is "We're not just looking for ghosts...We're looking for the truth," and they go into every case with open ears, eyes and mind.

"A lot of times, something completely natural could be causing the experience and you would think it was the paranormal...if (clients) suffer anxiety or anything like that, they might be prone to think that the wind blowing through might be somebody creaking up the stairs. Or there could be something in the house they never realized before, maybe like a tap or a pipe makes the sound and they've never heard that before. It could be something as simple as that," Rosalind explains.

"We're coming in with our knowledge...and we're coming in with both a logical mind and another foot in the paranormal, so it can go either way."