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  • Posted: Nov 30, -0001 12:00 AM
Quite a debate has been raging since our Music Poll hit the newsstands. Should Rex Goudie be named Top Newfoundland Musician of All Time? To learn more and offer your own opinion, click HERE.

Rex Goudie is a good singer, but I do not think that he deserves Best Newfoundland Musician of all Time; he hasn't been around long enough.
- Lillian

I do not agree with your decision to take Rex's name off of the top spot. If he wasn't eligible to win, why was he put on thelist to begin with? Was his name used for publicity of your magazine? In any case, if you hold a "public" vote, then let the public speak for itself. What's the point of your readers wasting their time voting on a poll that isjust going tobe edited anyway? I guess you must love all of this attention your magazine is getting, must be great for sales.
- Jennifer

Whatever else you do, please, please do not do that to Newfoundland, (naming Rex Goudie as best Newfoundland musician). Absolutely nothing could be any further from the truth. Why anyone would even remotely consider that is far, far beyond me.
- Caleb

Being on "Canadian Idol" for six months hardly qualifies anyone to be considered the best musician of all time. Jenny Gear and Jason Greeley are there also and did appear on "Canadian Idol" but they were already musicians for quite a number of years before they went on the show. There are many more musicians who deserve the honour much more.
- Denise

Yes I think that Rex Goudie deserves to win. First of all he did actually win fair and square. The people who voted for him must have thought he deserved to win or they would not have give him their vote. Not many can say they got nominated for 2 Junos shortly after their career started. His CD did go platinum in a short period of time also. That says something in itself. His hit "Run" went to the top of the charts and is still there. These are some of the reasons why I think Rex Goudie should win.
- Marlie

I think the title should be given to him. Why would you even consider removing him from the list? Why was he even on the list if you were just going to remove him? I think the votes should stay the way they are
- K. Paul

I'm pleased to see that Rex has been so successful. However, he hasn't stood the test of time. You did the right thing by dropping him form the All Time Favourites List. Maybe in 10 years time, if you do a similar poll and Rex is still a favourite, he'll legitimately make the list. I wish him well.
- Wayne

Of course Rex deserves to win. If his name is on the list for voting and he got most of the votes then he wins plain and simple. He also deserves to win (because) in the short time he's been on the scene he has achieved more than what most newfies do in a lifetime. Two Juno nods, platinum in 2 months, just to name a few accomplishments. I'm sure Rex will be on the charts for a while as he shows no signs of stopping. So he definitely deserves to win this award.
- Deneka

I support the magazine's decision to award the Best Musician Of All Time award to Buddy Wasisname and The Other Fellas even though Rex Goudie was the voted winner. After all Buddy and the boys have been entertaining for years and what has Rex done? A couple of months on "Canadian Idol"
- Denise

I was very disappointed to see that even though Rex Goudie got the top votes as Best Musician , this is being tossed aside. The person with the most votes deserves to be the winner doesn't he?
- Elaine

"Rex Goudie was removed from the top spot in the magazine" - that was a smart move to do. From the list, you can easily tell that the top 10 artists sings NL music and that's what it should be: the best musician should be someone who keeps true to their Newfoundland roots. Even if Rex is a Newfoundlander, he has yet to produce a TRUE NEWFIE song and that is why he shouldn't get The Best Musician.
- Josh

While I can understand and respect your concern about honouring such a new artist while other respected musicians have been on the scene much longer, it seems reasonable that you should not have included Rex on the vote if you felt he was not yet worthy of the nomination. It goes without saying that Rex is insanely popular in Newfoundland, and that same Rex mania is spreading across the rest of the country to us Mainlanders too. In fairness, you must concede that in the half a year he has been on the scene, he has accomplished so much: certified platinum in just over a month, two Juno nominations, SOCAN award winner for his #1 hit "Run", among many others. Clearly, the majority of people voted him as the best musician and this contest was meant to be a reader's choice, not an editor's choice.
- Laurie

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