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  • Posted: Nov 30, -0001 12:00 AM
Your favourite Newfoundland Songs and Musicians of All Time

Five months ago we decided it would be fun for our readers to nominate and vote for their favourite Newfoundland songs and musicians of all time. All musicians and songs would be nominated and then voted on by Downhome readers and the only rules were that nominations had to have a Newfoundland connection and one person could vote for one song and one artist only. (Security measures were put in place to ensure that happened.)

Over the following months close to 2,000 people took part in the vote. At the time, Rex Goudie was just coming off his second place finish on Canadian Idol and, with his legions of fans voting night and day, he claimed the #1 spot in the musician category. When the results were finally tallied and the staff again met to decide how best to present the story in the magazine, the one and only editorial adjustment to the vote took place. Rex Goudie was removed from the top spot in the magazine because, the fact is, he's only been on the scene for half a year. Does that qualify him for best musician of all time? Well, to keep things somewhat fair, we've decided here to publish the list as it originally appeared. Do you think Rex Goudie deserves "Best Newfoundland Musician of All Time" honours. E-mail us and tell us your opinion.

Readers' responses about Rex Goudie

Below are your votes for the Top 100 songs and artists of all time and we think you'll find a few surprises. (Any song or artists that received two votes or less was left off this list.)

We had so much fun with this music poll that we've decided to keep it going. Click HERE to submit your own vote for a Newfoundland song or artist. If you don't see it listed, then click HERE to nominate. After a few months we'll again print the results of the poll and see how it's changed.

  1. Rex Goudie
  2. Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
  3. Great Big Sea
  4. Dick Nolan
  5. Simiani
  6. Ron Hynes
  7. Norman Rice
  8. Shanneyganock
  9. Harry Hibbs
  10. Irish Descendants

  11. Eddie Coffey
  12. Celtic Connection
  13. A. Frank Willis
  14. The Masterless Men
  15. Kevin Collins
  16. Ryan's Fancy
  17. Corey & Trina
  18. Jim Payne
  19. Dorymen
  20. Wonderful Grand Band

  21. Bob Porter
  22. Dermot O'Reilly
  23. Derek Pilgrim
  24. Thomas Trio and the Red Albino
  25. Figgy Duff
  26. The Fables
  27. Bobby Evans
  28. Joan Morrissey
  29. Crush
  30. Anchors Aweigh

  31. Fine Crowd
  32. Jason Greeley
  33. Ellis & Wince Coles
  34. Bung
  35. Duane Andrews
  36. Bugs Greene
  37. Harry Martin
  38. Don McLean

  39. Minnie White
  40. Pam Morgan
  41. John White
  42. Sandy Morris
  43. Lloyd Snow
  44. The Navigators
  45. The Novaks
  46. Colleen Power
  47. Emile Benoit
  48. Eddie Eastman

  1. Salt Water Joys
  2. Sonny's Dream
  3. Aunt Martha's Sheep
  4. Any Mummers Allowed In
  5. Let Me Fish Off Cape St.Mary's
  6. We'll Rant and We'll Roar (The Ryans and the Pittmans)
  7. By the Glow of the Kerosene Light
  8. Ode to Newfoundland
  9. Fisherman's Boy
  10. I'm a Newfoundlander Born and Bred

  11. Grey Foggy Day
  12. Black Velvet Band
  13. A Toast to Newfoundland
  14. Excursion Around the Bay
  15. I'se Da B'y
  16. Drunkin' Sailor
  17. Music And Friends
  18. Between Two Trees
  19. A Great Big Sea Hove in Long Beach
  20. Cliffs of Baccalieu

  21. No Price Tags on the Doors of Newfoundland
  22. A Maiden's Prayer
  23. Wave Over Wave
  24. The Little Boats of Newfoundland
  25. The Night That Paddy Murphy Died
  26. Lukey's Boat
  27. Babylon Mall
  28. Gotta Get Me Moose B'y
  29. Feet of a Dancer
  30. Boston to St John's

  31. Sweet Forget Me Not
  32. Run
  33. I Had a Hat
  34. Bingo and Another World
  35. Heave Away
  36. Squid Jiggin' Ground
  37. Hello Mom and Dad I'm Coming Home for Christmas)
  38. Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway
  39. Northern Lights of Labrador
  40. The Banks of Newfoundland

  41. Will They Lie There Ever More
  42. The Loss of the Marion
  43. The Islander
  44. Cod Liver Oil
  45. Dark Island
  46. 1497
  47. Sea of No Cares
  48. The Rocks of Merasheen
  49. Star of Logy Bay
  50. Thank God We're Surronded By Water
  51. College Daze
  52. Mari Mac

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