Daring Rescue Saves Dog

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Mar 09, 2011 1:30 PM
After the rescue, the dog posed happily with Judy.

On Feb 28, 2011 Judy Newhook walked a trail near the water in Botwood Harbour with the hopes of photographing seals. But what she found was a pup of a different species. After hearing a dog whimpering, she spotted a panicked pooch on the partially frozen harbour. "I saw about 20 feet of open water covered with a thin film of ice," says Judy. "I knew the little guy was in trouble." She contacted the local fire department who arrived in short order and rescued the dog. Meantime, Judy caught the whole thing on camera - from beginning to very happy ending.

Surrounded by thin ice

The Botwood Fire Department were fast on the scene after receiving Judy's call.

Rescuers hike out to the harbour's edge.

Personnel use an ice rescue sled to cross the icy water.

They paddled their way to the pooch.

Out of the open water

Help has arrived!

Pooch in tow, the ice rescue sled begins its return to safety.

Almost there!

Safe and sound at last