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Explore the beauty of Mother Nature's amusement park
Part of Newfoundland and Labrador's charm is its natural, unspoiled beauty. Our rivers, ponds and bays provide us with fun fishing expeditions, while our vast wilderness is a hiker's dream. Even our long winters provide endless hours of fun spent sliding, snowmobiling, skating, snowshoeing and much more. Have a look through these outdoor activity shots, to see how our readers enjoy down-home living, outside.


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  Canada Goose Strikes a Pose
This picture was taken at the Salmonier Nature Park in 2010. This Canada Goose was watching over the rest of his gaggle while they were grazing. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful picture.

Lisa Pope-Willcott
St.Albans, Newfoundland


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Click to comment or view a larger image   Monster Cod

I caught this 46" monster cod just off Embree in the Bay of Exploits on July 30, 2014. What a fish, what a fish!
Sheri-lynn Gallichon

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Signal Hill Foxes
My name is Mike Loder, originally from St. Anthony, NL, now living in St. John's. Here is a picture my father and I took when he visited St. John's this week.
Mike Loder
St. John's, NL

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Saltwater Joy

I recently returned to my hometown of Clarenville, NL for a short vacation and a possible trip on the water for the food fishery. My Uncle Lindo Reid took my 82-year-old Mom (Mollie Drover) and I out on the water for a wonderful day! Got our quota in 40 minutes!! The joy on my Mom's face is in anticipation of stewed fresh fish!
Terri Hay

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Nice one!
Stephanie Ellis at Herring Neck, NL. Liam Powell, her nephew, is looking up at her catch!
Jenn Wheaton

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Fishing Never Gets Old!
My 84-year-old mom out during the food fishery in Bonavista Bay!! She loves it, up at the crack of dawn and out on the water any chance she gets! Yes, she wears a lifejacket - this was taken when they arrived in to shore. Photo taken by my sister, Trudy White of Whitecourt, Alberta
Tracey Sheehan

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Cleaning Fish
Doug Hamlyn with his daughter Renee Hamlyn in La Scie.
Renee Hamlyn

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Fishing in LaScie

Renee Hamlyn and Heather DeHann
Renee Hamlyn

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