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  Edward Murphy
My husband, Edward Murphy. Edward's very environmentally friendly. There's a beach, or landwash, as we call it. He cleans this place from end to end every spring. Every person in Little Bay, Marystown, really feels pride in his work. He was presented with this sign by the Burin Peninsula Chamber of Commerce (BPCOC).

Thanks to the people of Little Bay for interest enough to put his name forward for this.

Gabriella Murphy
Little Bay, NL


Thank You With All My Heart
Dear Downhome; I would like to thank your staff for printing a letter I wrote earlier and was published in the April edition of Downhome, "Looking for Faye Moss," page 13. I am so grateful you did and so happy I took the chance that your readers might be able to help.
Within a couple hours of one of your readers seeing the article in Ontario, before it even got to the shelves in Newfoundland,
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Linda Gillingham McHugh
Corner Brook, NL

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  Wine With Wings
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Coming Home
Having been made redundant by the British Army after 13 years service, I finally have enough money to fly my family and I back to Newfoundland. We are coming in August for 2 weeks, the majority of which will be spent in La Scie with my birth mother and her family who I will finally get to meet face to face. It will also be a good opportunity to explore other parts of the island.
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Andrew Willans
Ipswich, England

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Christmas at the C of E Orphanage, St. John's in the Late '40s
Dear Ron:

An article entitled "Letters from Orphans" appearing in the Dec. 2010 edition intrigued me. It brought back memories of the late '40s when I was a young lad living in St. John's. At that time an uncle was manager of the C of E Orphanage, and our family visited the orphanage occasionally, especially for the annual Christmas parties. What a great time was had by all. It was most heart warming to see the excitement on the faces of those kids who looked forward to the occasion. There are memories I will never forget.

John Cornick
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Click to comment or view a larger image   A Place to Belong - Heart Warming Story

Dear Ron:

I just read an article "A Place to Belong" by Marion (Pike) Biasutti, which appeared in your April 2014 issue. Thanks for publishing it. I found the story very heart warming indeed, this in spite of the unfortunate negative
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John Cornick
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Bounce Mice Repellent
As I was reading my Downhome, it was interesting to find out how to get rid of mice (December 2013). The best way for me to get rid of them is to place Bounce fabric softener sheets anywhere their needed. I use them in the house and in my barns. I replace them every five or six weeks. It really works, but I don't know how or why.
Shirley Mercer Collins
Clio, Michigan, USA

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Memories of Dr. Twomey
Dear Ron; I read with great pride, admiration and tears in my eyes the story of Dr. Twomey ("My Dad the Doctor," March 2014 issue). He was our family doctor for many years. The most dedicated doctor and friend once could ever have known. The staff at Botwood Hospital were second to none. They cared for you and about you like Dr. Twomey. I wish to thank his daughter for this wonderful story. It brought back a lot of memories.
Mary Power
Bishop's Falls, NL (formerly of Fortune Harbour)

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Inside Labrador
Growing up in St. John's and having most of my mother's family in Northern Newfoundland, my brother and I spent many summers in Raleigh, Cook's Hr, L'Anse aux Meadows and St. Anthony never dreaming that one day I would be living in Lab. City, Wabush and Goose Bay. My husband opened the new post office in Wabush after working as Asst, P.M in Lab City. We spent five years there before being posted to Clarenville.
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Shirley MacDonald
Fredericton, NB

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