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Remember the way things were
Read these personal accounts of what life was like way back when in Newfoundland and Labrador, sent by our readers.


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  Hoisted Up!
I can still remember the sound of motorboat engines as they slowly steamed up and down the shore off Cape Bonavista. This was very busy and very rich fishing ground during that period from the early 1900s to the time of the
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Gordon Mifflin
Snow Lake, MB


Smallwood, Diefenbaker and the Queen of England
In the late 1920s, cars and radios began to appear in our town of Grand Bank. Our family's first radio was equipped with earphones and only one person at a time could listen to it. It was powered by a pack of large, round screw terminal batteries. Later, when main line electric power came along, we became proud owners of a Philco cabinet radio with a loud speaker. It was on this radio that we
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General Bill Carr
Kanata, ON

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Sounds From Millertown, Beside Red Indian Lake
Church bells ringing on Sunday morning, people gathering to hear Mrs. Osmond singing as everybody listened quietly. After church a handful of us gathered for a walk to the drinking pond. Peace & tranquility. Then wind comes up, the frogs are croaking. The ducks flutter off noisily.

Grey jays being fed whiskey-soaked bread by loggers. Grey jay or whiskey Jack were known as the souls of departed loggers. Their squeals echoed through the
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Mr Percy Elliott
Oshawa, ON

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A Bowl of Porridge
As we hurry and scurry through our daily life, caught up in our numerous tasks, we often neglect to reach out the hand of friendship to our neighbours or complete strangers we meet along our way.

Sometimes we are just too busy to offer the companionship of a meal, often because we feel what we have is not special enough. Often when I think about this I reflect on my sister, and the
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Stella Hollett

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If The Lord Tarries
When I was growing up, I had an aunt living next door to us who used to preface everything she intended to do by saying: "If I'm spared and the Lord tarries."

A deeply religious woman, she, along with many of her faith, fervently believed in the eminent coming of her Lord. She lived each day of her life in preparation for His return. Not with a morbid sense of dread that many of
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Stella Hollett

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Memories of Christmas
Around this time of year, when the Christmas music is coming over the radio and big fat snowflakes are wafting from the sky, my mind goes back to my growing-up years in Creston and the joy and excitement that pervaded those Christmases so long ago. I know for me the magic of Christmas is as strong as ever, and all it takes is the sound of Christmas carols and I'm once again caught up in
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Stella Hollett

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A Bit of Reminiscing
This story is not about Christmas in general but about growing up in the 50s when things were very much different than they are now. Every occasion during the years was a celebration.

I don't know much about starting the new year off, but as a child remembering going to church at 12 o'clock midnight for our watch night service, then coming home & hanging up our new calendar from our local store, with
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Ida Crummey
Western Bay, NL

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The Shiny Silver Spurs
Here is a little story I often think about when I was growing up in C.B.S. I don't know if many people know of or can remember the old CN Station in Seal Cove, CBS. During the NFLD railways days people used to take the train from there to St. John's. I remember mom sending a crate of hens to her cousin in Gambo. Another time me and my brother Reg plastered it with cow
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Bob Morgan
Salmon Cove, NL

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