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Click to comment or view a larger image   Monuments

Now that Remembrance Day is coming up in two days, I was looking back on my trip to Belgium and France in 2009 with my two sons. We visited all five caribou monuments, one in Belgium and four in France. It was a very moving experience, especially since my father, Roy Spencer, fought at Beaumont Hamel and was wounded on July 1st 1916.
George S. Spencer

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Dad and His Tunnocks Gifts
My father, Clifton Rowe, recently celebrated his 75th birthday. And may I add he looks fantastic! My father owned a general store in Sheaves Cove, NL where he sold all the Tunnocks product line: snowballs, caramel log bars, tea cakes, etc. Tunnocks
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Lorraine Rowe
Brampton ontario

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The Old Brittain
I was born and raised in St. John's many years ago. When I was very young I remember looking out our kitchen window on Sebastian Street and seeing a big, black WWI battleship sitting in the harbour. Her name was the Old Brittain (Britton). When I was home a few years ago I asked around but no one seemed to remember the ship. After she rusted out they dismantled her and took her away in pieces. Does anyone remember her and why she was there so many years ago?
Submitted by,
Catherine Viscount

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A Newfie in Quebec
Hello to all the Newfies,

I am proud to be one, too. Although I have been away from my beloved Newfoundland, you just cannot forget it. I grew up in Change Islands, N.D. Bay.

How did I get here? Well! When the war came I joined the Air Force and served in Lachine, Quebec, where the men came before going overseas and those who returned came there also. It was there I met
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Ruth Baxter (nee Roberts)
Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec

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Click to comment or view a larger image   World Cultures Postcard Project

Can you mail just one postcard to students at a K-Grade 6 school in Western Newfoundland? If you are rushed, just a "Hello" on the card is good, but you are most welcome to tell us an interesting fact about the Canadian
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Terry Pike
Corner Brook, NL

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Newfoundland - Pennsylvania

Helena Thornhill from St. Alban's, Newfoundland, standing by a sign that says, "Welcome to the Village of Newfoundland - Pennsylvania" in Sept 2012. Anyone know how it may have gotten its name? The population there is approximately 1,900 people. Took a wrong exit and came upon this. Happy to have taken that exit though!
Helena Thornhill
St. Joseph's Cove, NL

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The Term Newfie
I was not born in Newfoundland, but my parents, and grandparents and those before and many since were, and still are there. Growing up I heard "Newfie" used all the time, and I didn't know it meant anything more than coming from the Rock. When kids would ask me what I was, I said "Newfie," proudly, not knowing there were any who thought it belittling, unsettling or an insult. Ah the mind of a child
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Angel Stroud-Caza
Fort Erie, Ontario

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