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Well, I'm really not a dog lover; but when my daughter and future son-in-law asked me to dog sit their 120 lb. Newfoundland dog, Becky, for two weeks what else could I say but "yes." Becky came with pages of instructions "what
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Betty Mercer
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

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Tooth Fairy
My four-year-old granddaughter was asked what she thinks happens when the tooth fairy takes a tooth. Ava said: "The tooth fairy saves them up and when I gets bigger she puts them back in!"
kathy butt
mount pearl, nl

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Wrong Stuff in the Cough Medicine Bottle
This is a story about a grandfather from Carmanville who was always having tricks pulled on him by his grandson.This trick almost killed poor old Grampie.

In those days most houses had a pantry where the food was kept, and the dishes were washed in a pan of some sort. Usually they were a white enamel.

Anyhow, the grandfather had a dry cough, which he had had for many years. He alway kept
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keith Collins

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The Blue-Assed Flies
One time long ago in the town of Carmanville there was a young boy who was a bit of an imp and loved to play tricks on his grandfather. His grandfather hated these big blue flies with such a passion and always made sure one didn't live too long if it came into his house. Those days when the fish was being dried on the flakes there were more of them arround then there are
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keith Collins

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Hockey Players in Twillingate

The hike to the top of the mountain (the Cross) in the centre of the town of Twillingate, Newfoundland was quite an accomplishment for our petite three-year-old granddaughter. As we "oohed" and "aahed" over the ocean, the boats and the buildings, her keen eyes spotted the white-fenced rectangular Anglican cemetary, to which she exclaimed, "Grandma, look at all the hockey players!"

Donna Lessard
Pierrefonds, QC

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The Horses and the White Ghost
In my childhood days in my town of Carmanville, as in many Newfoundland villages of that era, most people kept a horse which was used to bring home firewood etc. In the spring of the year, these horses were turned loose and allowed to roam the town. In Carmanville they would congregate down on the end of town we called Noggon Cove Head, which looks out over Hamilton Sound and the Fogo Island region. The
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keith Collins

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End of the World? Whatever!
My boyfriend's teenage daughter Chantelle and her friend Angel were talking about the U.S. minister who was predicting the world would end May 21, 2011.

Angel scoffed, "Sure how do they think they can predict the end of the world when they can't even predict the weather?!"
Janice Stuckless

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