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"until last month although i had often spoken to my grandson jake on the phone,he had been only two when we last visited him in zurich,ont. now he was four. shortly after they arrived here last month and were playing around after the long drive,jake suddenly says to me""you talks like poppy but you dont look like him"". i guess in his own little boy imagination,he had me pictured a bit differently because he surely did not remember the visit 2 years ago. i thought that was cute."
John M. Earle

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"how many of you have teenage children ? mine is fifteen going on thirty, she thinks its her place to drive everywhere we go. you know, she has a ""learner permit"". at the age of fifteen they think they are indestructible. nothing can hurt themit feels like they are driving eighty miles per hour but when i get up enough nerve to take my eyes off the road and look at the speedometer it reads
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Doug Dwyer
Heatherton Nfld.

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"growing up in the old days, we had only fish and bread for months during the winter. as a teenager, all of my teeth fell out. all of them. but i saved them, for no good reason. however, this year, a researcher from the states advertised- for a complete bunch of teeth, and i got $500 (us) for them. who says good things don't come to them who waits? ps. i am not the famous len humber."
Len Humber

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"my 11 yr old son was out with his godparents(calls- them nanny & poppy)nanny is a very well endowed lady and her bra cuts into her shoulders and back.anyways they were out for a walk when my son goes up to her,puts his arm around her and in a very concerned voice says ""nanny,is your bra too small?""out of the mouths of as they say.- "

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"how popular is the downhomer kitchen? the weekend of aug 15-17 it was closed down. a fellow kitchen person phoned me to ask about the reason. i said i didn't know. he said he was ""some starving"" cause the kitchen was closed. how true! he wondered what rennovations ole man ""grant"" was up to. well i laughed at that!! sure grant is just a young feller and ron? well ron is a young feller too in his own way!! lol all the best..mike madigan/sharecropper in pasadena"

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"i my five year old grandson cody who lives in springdale, nfld. with his mom and dad was told by a lady last week that she heard he was awful handsome and she asked him to turn around so she could look at him. he turned around and looked at her and said "" i'm only five years old. "" the way he said it was as if he was thinking that lady sounds like she's hitting on me so i better let her know right now that i'm not old enough ! i thought it was so cute."
Goose Bay

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"when my daughter was little we were in church and they were singing ""i am going to live the way that he wants me to live"" .her father was listening to her sing and she was singing ""i am going to live the way daddy wants me to live"".upon- questioning her she said that is what the people were singing for that he."
Rose Wilkins/Sacrey
Hare Bay/Pacquet

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