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"one night, my niece's oldest son, who was about 3 at the time was out all day with his father clearing snow from his grandparents driveway. my niece christa always makes him say his prayers every night before he goes to bed, but this particular night, after she'd finished reading his story to him, she said ""now, reilly it's time to say your prayer to god"". reilly looks at his mom and asks in a fatigue question, ""mommy, can you ask god if he could wait until tomorrow, i am to tired tonight to talk to him""? i thought that this was the cutest when she told this to me."

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"while shopping recently in zellars with my daughter and my mother (she was up visiting us) we get to the check out with our purchases and the lady at the checkout starts ringing our items four year old daughter suddenly starts tugging on my shirt ""mommy is that a boy or a girl"" of course she is asking about the lady at the check out...i say honey thats a girl (and to try to
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colleen gosse

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"last year while visiting my brother-in-laws cottage in peterborough i decided to do some fishing off their dock. when i quickly reeled in the line so it wouldn't get snagged in the weeds, my friends 4 year old daughter jumped up and down with excitement thinking i had caught a fish. i tried explaining to her why i reeled it in quickly but the look on her face was priceless when she saw my hook and exclaimed ""you caught a dead worm""!! obviously not a newfie child - didn't grow up with a fishing rod in her hand."
Elaine Burton
"Brown's Arm, NF"

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i run a day care out my home so i always hear lots of really funny things out of the kids.i have these adorable 3 year old twin girls. this one day we were running late for lunch when amanda started screaming above the radio that she was so hungary that she was about 2 eat her can be sure amber didn't think it was as funny as i did.
st brendan's

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"as a mother of 4 1/2 year old twin girls there are many 'funny experiences' and here's one: my daughters, brittany and taylor, and i were making pancakes together one saturday morning when we got on the topic of ""how they were made"". brittany lead the conversation, ""mommy, we were once little seeds that got in your tummy, right?"" i said, ""yeah, that's right."" and she continued, ""and then we started to grow like little
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Jennifer McKay
"Springdale, Newfoundland"

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"my grandson, kenneth, six years old, is attending catholic school, grade one, this year. each child was to have their own rosary beads for religion class. his grandfather gave kenneth his pair of beads. i was explaining to kenneth the rosary and pointed out god is our father in heaven. and we say the rosary to god's mother, mary who is also our mother in heaven. my grandson quickly corrected me! he pointed out if mary is god's mother and god is our father, then mary must be our grandmother in heaven. how can i argue that one with a six year old? oh dear!"
Isabelle Rader (Issy)
St. John's

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"a year and a half ago, my hubby had to have surgery for a hernia, we sat and explained why daddy had to go to the hospital to our then 3 year old son, he asked alot of questions and we tried to answer them the best we could to make him understand. then he asked me if i had ever had surgery and i said yes, when you were born the doctor had to cut mommys belly to take you out....he paused for a minute then looked at me and asked why i had eaten him.....lmao....i still laugh when i think about it...."

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