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"a few years back, when my now 15 year old brother josh was 6, our mom sent him next door to get a cup of sugar. as he was leaving, his 5 year old friend stefan walked in and asked where he was going. josh replied ""next door to get some sugar"". stefan said ""their not home."" mom came out and said ""how do you know?"" and stefan replied ""theirs a sign on their door."" mom then took the cup and went next door to see for herself. she laughed out loud when she saw the sign. its read ""wet paint""."
Sarah Thomas
"Burlington, NL"

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"i am going home for christmas (i am currently in ontario) and my boyfriend has decided to join me. i was rambling about all the things we would do and mummering came up. after a short description of the fun, dressing up, knocking on doors and maybe even some dancing with a ""treat"" to match, my boyfriend looked at me and said ""so it's like a newfie halloween!?!"" he was so excited, all i could do was laugh!"

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"my neice along with her little girlfriend, whom are now able to read,(grade 2),are helping my sister grocery shop. they have a list and are quite happy picking out all the items from their list. chicken legs, chicken wings, chicken (whole) etc. they leave my sister to run to the meat asle and come back 5 minutes later, with the chicken legs and wings but my niece loudly announces, ""mom we got the wings, and the legs but we couldn't find the chickens hole"". my sister just about lost it there and then. everyone around started laughing on controlably.- "
Karen Wakeham

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"My 5 year old nephew Drew was looking at a picture of his parents, (taken before they had him)he looked at his mother and said ""mom, is this (pointing to the pic of his parents)what you looked like before you looked like that??"". He was pointing to his mother dressed in her nightie and robe. It was hilarious to see the look on his mothers face."
Carolyn Steele
Stephenville Crossing

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"hi there, i would like to share with you my experience with a special trip to nfld. when they say there are no price tags on the doors of nfld i believe it. my husband and i were living in grande cache a.b. and we traveled to haucks bay nfld to go to my brothers wedding. he was marrying a girl from there. my husband was asked to stand as one of the groomsmen and
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Doris Mills (Head)
Baie Verte

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"I was outside in my backyard gathering up leaves, and a friend of my wife, had come to visit with her 3 year old daughter. The little girl came out to the backyard to see me and also to talk and help me rake some leaves. I got to chating with her and she was telling me about all the leaves she has in her back yard. I was joking around with her and told her that her mom did not know anything about leaves becuase she was from newfoundland. The little girl looked me straight in the face and said, no! {and she points to my living room} my mom in from inside there. I laughed so hard."
Arthur Farrell
Port Aux Basques

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"it's me again; i had a very wonderful time while i was home this summer. i had a lot of funny experiences during my vacation. but i can't make fun of my friend without telling something very funny about myself.(re:next experience)i guess i should start from the beginning. i work in a factory in windsor, one day i was telling a union rep that i was leaving to go home on friday, and he told
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Donna Sutherland

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