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"i was volunteering in my daughters kindergarten class last week and i was sitting at the table with my daughter and the other girls and one of the girls started singing a song about mexico. one of the little ones piped up and said that she had been to mexico before, and then a conversation- started about how far each girls had been away from grande prairie. so jelicia, my daughter, stated that she had
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Jenn Cross
Grand Falls-Windsor

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"while driving with my loungest daughter one day when she was about six or seven she asked me to tell her where she came from . i said you should ask your mother about that stuff but she said no, you tell me so i started to say something about love and and she started to scream and said oh oh gross oh oh gross and you did it twice because you had kelly too (older sister). i had to pull over i was laughting so hard."
Seaward Billard
Grand Bruit

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my brother had kidney stones; he was suppose to see the doctor to have them removed last week but couldn't make the appointment so it was rescheduled for this week. last week he dropped in to visit a friend at the united van line movers; while there he had to use the bathroom; low and behold he passed the stone; so he got it out of the tiolet washed it off and went out and ask the girl working there for an envelope to put his kidney stone in; she looked at him and said we have a new slogan now; we don't only move furniture but we move kidney stones too.-

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"well i have a cute one for ya,,, my cousin one time dropped a ge i joe in the toilet so when my aunt found out the toilet was clogged she called a plumber and when they cane they had asked her what was wrong she had told them that there was a little man stuck in the toilet they looked at her like she had ten heads she argued and said yes there is
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Tina A very
"Bishop Falls, NFLD"

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"returning home from a trip into st.john`s last october, we were met at the airport by my dad. because we had so much luggage, dad offered to take my girls home for me seeing as our vehicle was full. my 8 year old sat down and buckled up in the little nissan truck and dad told my 5 year old to sit down and buckle up as well. she quickly looked at him and replied ""i got my seatbelt but theres no seat."" her seat was enfolded in the wall of the truck. as the saying goes ""kid`s say the darndest things!"""

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"someone told me this true story a while ago. they said they needed to use the bathroom really bad, and was at a wal-mart store. he procedded to kinda speed walk to the male bathroom and barged in quickly. he was stopped dead in his tracks when he discovered the short little 70 year old woman in the middle of the male washroom. she looked around, looked at him and put a huge grin on her face proclaiming ""i believe i'm in the wrong washroom."" the guy who told me this story assured her that she was, and waited until she was gone and went to do what he came to do in the first place."

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"many years ago when our youngest son was only 2 years old, my husband lost his watch. we searched everywhere for it and jason kept saying ""its in the mattress""...there was a very small hole in the mattress but certainly not enough to get a watch in or so we thought. we looked all around but couldn't find it. about 15 years later we were due for a new mattress and remembering what jason had said, decided to make a slit in the mattress and check it out..sure enough , there was the watch...and it still worked.."
Jean Lane

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