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"my four year old son had been watching a cartoon about the ground hog one day. a few weeks later i walked into the living room he looked at me wit his big eyes and said, "" mom its going to snow again tomorrow i just saw your shadow"

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"my husband son and i were on our way to visit family, my son as usual, began constantly talking and not letting myself or my husband get a word in at all. finally my husband spoke to me in a louder voice above our sons constant raving. my four year old son got kind of disappointed and said ""oh dad you interrupted me and now i have to start all over again"""

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"the other night, when i was talking with my mom on the phone, she was explaining that my niece and her kids were out visiting from st. john's. before they went down to visit my mom, the place were they were staying had difficulties with the water since my mom lives in a small community. so when they were visiting, they used the phone to call their grandparents in st. john's. reilly, the oldest who
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Victoria Swyers
Stephenville Xing

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"i am writing to relate a small story that happened to my sister katie & myself when we were small, living on the point in rose blanche as everyone knows back in the old days just about every family had kept chickens for eggs & meat, in those days grocery stores weren't on every corner. well my mother charlotte curry had her chickens too, but mom had a favourite little chicken , me & katie
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Gladys Drover
rose blanche

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"one day i was at the lundry mat with my cousin at he was in the washroom while i was waiting out side the door i heard a shout in there ""what's wrong""?? ""this dryer won't work and i can't dry my hands""! ""who cares let them dry out side"" then i heard a crash and he opened the door and there was the dryer riped out on the floor and i was laughing so hard when he had to pay for it.- "
daniel hewitt

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"rhonda, the spouse of one of my co-workers in moscow is also a newfie, originally from ship cove. in early december we decided to do some christmas shopping as rhonda was going to help me pick out some gifts for my wife. on the appointed saturday morning, us two newfies headed out in my car to go shopping. sure enough, no more than 500 metres from home, a police car pulled us over. the policeman
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H. Dyke

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"my husband and i have been bringing our daughter to church since she was a new born. she has always been very attentive, especially while we are singing the hymns. one sunday when our daughter was four years old, our minister announced that the next hymn would be ""bringin- g in the sheaves"". i could hear my daughter singing softly beside me""bringing in the she's"" then she suddenly turned to me and asked.."" come no he's?"""
michelle Short

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