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Your amusing or embarrassing moments
Reveal the hilarious things that have happened in your life, and let us all have a chuckle with you!

"i visit nfld constantly three or four times a year,on a visit some years ago, i had heard about a new restaurant bar opened( somewhere near the old royal trust building)it was called the lighthouse short name the light, well i walked up and down water st. for the best part of an hour,in disbelief that i was unable to find this new resraurent , after all i felt i knew every nook and cranny on water st. i finally swallowed my pride and asked a passer by if he knew where the light was, he answered yes my dear and pointed to the traffic light and told me it was right there on the post in front of me."

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"This is a story that you will only hear about in Newfoundland. My sister and i have been living in Ottawa for 3-4 years, but we always keep in contact with our buddies back home (NLf of course). My sister was on the phone last night with one of her friends and she was laughing through the entire conversation. So of course i couldn't help ask what was so funny. Well, her friend was telling
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Just a Call Away
"One day in February I was sitting in my living room, thinking about my children and grandchildren. So I decided to give my daughter Christine in Ottawa a call and have a chat. I waited for her to answer but to my surprise, my three year old grandson Michael answered. He said: ""Nanny can you come to my house tomorrow?"" ""I said but Michael i live in Newfoundland."" He said: ""Oh i live in Canada."""
Rita Dawe

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"anytime i'm in my vehicle at night i love tuning into bas on nightline for the occasional chuckle. this one particular night i heard a frustrated gentleman call in to complain about certain drivers and their lack of consideration for those who have to walk on the streets when the sidewalks aren't plowed. he summed up his plea to all listeners with the statement: ""please people, take your time and try not to splash the presbyterians!"" i had to pull over until the tears from laughter stopped..."
Derrick Turner
Labrador City

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"newfoundland is and always will be near and dear to my heart. like many of us away, i am always longing for the day when i return again. i grew up in a large family and of course the major happenings in a home like ours was the never ending kitchen activities and the continual hum of the washing machine. i had my share of chores but one of them was not cooking. sure i
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rocky harbour

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"it was early oct. 1986 and harvey and i were moose hunting and rabbit catching in gull pond. we had seen some bull moose but harvey didn't wanted to shoot them. ""i'm waiting for the big one,"" he said. after six days we decided to leave camp. i was driving and harvey was tipped back, relaxing. he had taken off his rubber boots, socks and sweater and was starting to doze. suddenly i hit the
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Roger Brown

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"my four year old son had been watching a cartoon about the ground hog one day. a few weeks later i walked into the living room he looked at me wit his big eyes and said, "" mom its going to snow again tomorrow i just saw your shadow"

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