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"he is married, ya know"
"earlier this evening my husband, phillip, was out getting something out of the trunk of the car for me and there were 3 little kids about 6 or 7 years old [ 2 girls, 1 boy]walking down our street one of the little girls hollers out to my hubby"""" hi honey"" and the little girls giggle,, a few seconds later the little boy turned to the little girls and said"""" he is married ya know"""" poor hubby was killing himself laughing when he came in,,"
Carolyn Steele
Stephenville Crossing

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Nursing Home Code
i'm a part time parimedic here in day we had a call at the local nursing home.the patient had to go to the hospital for tests.we got the patient on the strecher and went to the front door to get out.i had forgotten the code to get out.then this sweet old lady was sitting in a chair by the door said i'm not suppose to know the code but its 2002*.then my partner said i wonder who has alzhimers cant be the lady.-
Leonard Goobie

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Simon Says
"for my son curtis's sixth birthday party we allowed him to invite ten of his friends from grade 1 to celebrate. (we'll never do that again.) we organized a variety of games to play including pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, musical chairs, and simon says. one little boy was playing the role of simon and appeared to be running out of things for the kids to do so my sister-in-law whispers in his ear, ""tell them to spin on
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Doug Boyd

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"my husband's five-year-old neice was very upset and crying because the shirt her mother bought her wasn't a ""belly shirt."" my husband was trying to make her feel better by telling her how nice the shirt was and that her nan could shorten it to a belly shirt because her nan could do anything. his neice looked up and between tears and sobs said ""no she can't do everything. she can't do backflips."""
Valerie Sturge

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Birth Spray
"i was taking my vitamins one day while my son was watching. he asked what each one was for. included in the vitamins were my daily vitamin, vitamin c, birth control, etc. he wanted to know in further detail what the birth control was for. i then took a nasal spray for my sinuses. a few weeks later we were playing with his younger brother and i said, ""i am so lucky to have you two boys. maybe i should have another one."" my oldest boy looked at me and said, ""you would have another one if you stopped squirting stuff up your nose."""
Norma Organ

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"my 2 year old grandson ryan; was playing with my fax machine. i spoke to him about it and told him not to do this, it was not a toy, ryan kept on returning to my fax machine; after many attempts to keep him away.finally i asked why are you playing with grand ma's fax machine; he looked up and me and in a very serius tone said i am making money like my daddy"
muriel king

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"i visit nfld constantly three or four times a year,on a visit some years ago, i had heard about a new restaurant bar opened( somewhere near the old royal trust building)it was called the lighthouse short name the light, well i walked up and down water st. for the best part of an hour,in disbelief that i was unable to find this new resraurent , after all i felt i knew every nook and cranny on water st. i finally swallowed my pride and asked a passer by if he knew where the light was, he answered yes my dear and pointed to the traffic light and told me it was right there on the post in front of me."

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