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Your amusing or embarrassing moments
Reveal the hilarious things that have happened in your life, and let us all have a chuckle with you!

Kids Say The Funniest Things
"My 3 year old daughter had been experiencing a bit of a sore throat so I decided it was time to give her some medicine for it. We went into the kitchen and I got out her cherry flavoured Jack and Jill. I also had bubble gum flavoured Tylenol which she saw as I was taking out her Jack and Jill. ""Mommy"" she said, ""I wanted the pink stuff"". I then explained to her that
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Crystal Bartlett

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Where are you from?
"In the early 50s I went home for a visit to my parents in St. John`s & while there a girl friend and I went to her brothers night club just out of the city, she & I had been friends since we were teens,(she is of middle eastern ancestory),while we were sitting there two young GIs entered & seeing us asked if they could buy us a drink & sit with us,(being true Newfies
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Phyllis Shaw

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A Cute Story
"our daughter Edwina in Kitchener Ont. had a baby girl aug 1st, they named her Bianca Edwina, when their little 2 year old son Michael went to daycare he told the workers his baby sisters name was Bianca mommy. The Toope's Grand Falls-Windsor"
Eugene Toope

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weird chicken
"I had just started my new job and wouldn't be home from work until 5pm. I was planning on baking a chicken and because I wouldn't be home until supper time I asked my boyfriend to put the chicken in the over for me about an hour priror to my arrival. I told him that I would finish the chicken, adding a mustard rub to the skin once I arrived home. Well, Rene picked me
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Port aux Basques

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Walmart Experience
"it was christmas of husband was away and i shoveled a lot of snow. that night i didn't sleep due to my aching muscles. the next day i was feeling really sore. after supper i decided to go to walmart, which is about 10 minutes away, to get some "" deep heating rub"". i shopped for some other things i needed and proceeded to go to the pharmacy dept. as i was about to
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Marilyn Baker

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turn off the electic resouse
"last week,i bought a computer. my neighbou ,a old woman is intresting in it. one day .she came as i qurrrring others in net .she looked as if very angry with the man on the cgreen.then, i standed up to the rest room. when i came back,the computer has been turn down. ""what happend? iasked."" ye,i want that man trun off his mouse, so i turn dowm the electry souse. oh my god, how she can do so !!"

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Baked Beans???
"i was probably about 13 years old and mom and dad had to go away overnight leaving me in the care of my older brother. she told me to put on a pot of baked beans for supper the next night, and told me how long to soak them, etc. well, i found what i thought were dried beans and soaked the heck out of them for hours but they didn't show any sign of
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Betty Hegedus
Badger NL

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