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Treat me like a lady.
"I work in an office on the ground floor of an apartment building, directly in front of my desk is a large glass wall and I can see the building elevators. So at any given time if I look I can see some one getting on the elevator or getting off. A couple of days ago I happened to look towards the elevator and two young kids were getting on the elevator I reconized them
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Lorraine James

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Kids Say The Funniest Things
"My 3 year old daughter had been experiencing a bit of a sore throat so I decided it was time to give her some medicine for it. We went into the kitchen and I got out her cherry flavoured Jack and Jill. I also had bubble gum flavoured Tylenol which she saw as I was taking out her Jack and Jill. ""Mommy"" she said, ""I wanted the pink stuff"". I then explained to her that
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Crystal Bartlett

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Where are you from?
"In the early 50s I went home for a visit to my parents in St. John`s & while there a girl friend and I went to her brothers night club just out of the city, she & I had been friends since we were teens,(she is of middle eastern ancestory),while we were sitting there two young GIs entered & seeing us asked if they could buy us a drink & sit with us,(being true Newfies
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Phyllis Shaw

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A Cute Story
"our daughter Edwina in Kitchener Ont. had a baby girl aug 1st, they named her Bianca Edwina, when their little 2 year old son Michael went to daycare he told the workers his baby sisters name was Bianca mommy. The Toope's Grand Falls-Windsor"
Eugene Toope

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weird chicken
"I had just started my new job and wouldn't be home from work until 5pm. I was planning on baking a chicken and because I wouldn't be home until supper time I asked my boyfriend to put the chicken in the over for me about an hour priror to my arrival. I told him that I would finish the chicken, adding a mustard rub to the skin once I arrived home. Well, Rene picked me
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Port aux Basques

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Walmart Experience
"it was christmas of husband was away and i shoveled a lot of snow. that night i didn't sleep due to my aching muscles. the next day i was feeling really sore. after supper i decided to go to walmart, which is about 10 minutes away, to get some "" deep heating rub"". i shopped for some other things i needed and proceeded to go to the pharmacy dept. as i was about to
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Marilyn Baker

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turn off the electic resouse
"last week,i bought a computer. my neighbou ,a old woman is intresting in it. one day .she came as i qurrrring others in net .she looked as if very angry with the man on the cgreen.then, i standed up to the rest room. when i came back,the computer has been turn down. ""what happend? iasked."" ye,i want that man trun off his mouse, so i turn dowm the electry souse. oh my god, how she can do so !!"

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