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Reveal the hilarious things that have happened in your life, and let us all have a chuckle with you!

"one day a friend of the family agreed to help cook sunday dinner. she wanted to make some peese pudding. she looked in the cupboard to get the necessary ingredient and started cooking. when all of a sudden, there was popping. when she looked, what she used for her pudding was popcorn kernels. now when we have sunday dinner, we will ask if there will be any peese ""pop"" pudding."
Tracy Fitzpatrick

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nurse at hospital
"not too long ago i had to go to the hospital emergency room, and the nurse that was checking my vitals asked me "" mrs adams, have you had your macdonalds today"" i said "" you must be hungry are you""? what a laugh we had when she realized whatshe had asked me.she meant to ask about my mecication."
Marion Adams

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"'remember your helmet' i am a newfoundlander, a member of an elite group. on this big rocky island in the north atlantic called 'newfoundland and labrador' there are half a million of us, and we are all members of the newfoundland and labrador fraternity. our favorite cuisine is salty, and our beer is the best ever made. for those who do not know our culture some ways of the newfoundla- ys of the newfoundlander are
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Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe

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"'retired are ya?' my husband and i came home to newfoundland to retire, having made the decision to retire early and pursue other interests. being only fifty years old i found it very difficult to say the word 'retire', and avoided it at all costs. i have no idea why-just a foolish quirk!! i guess it conjured up images of much older lifestyles- uch older lifestyles and just plain made me feel redundant and much
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"Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe,RN-Ret'd.."

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The Last Time I was Tricked
"I am 32 years old, of sound mind and body, and to this day I firmly believed I was tricked. I grew up in rural Nova Scotia. My parents moved there from Newfounland before I born. I have a sister who is four years younger than I. We had a normal upbringing. We did what the average children would do; play sports, listen to music and hang out with friends, the average activities of teenagers.
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John David Lowe

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"'my favorite rant!' yes, i do go on rants, and darned good long rants from time to time. i don't know who listens or cares but i still rant.let me tell you about my rant of this past winter. i don't care who likes it or doesn't but my hair is totally devoid of color, it is snow white. as a matter of fact my daughter when she saw the photo that is shown with
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Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe
"Here,there and everywhere!"

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you can always tell its a Newfie
"several years ago while we (my late husband&i)lived in fla. a lady we knew from brantford ont. came to visit us(before all this terror stuff)as we waited for her to come through the gate i noticed all the people getting off were so serious no expressions at all,i told my husband bet i can pick out a newfie if there is one on the air canada plane,his answer was ""sure you can"" after a few
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St.John`s NF. CA.

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