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Click to comment or view a larger image   Snowman Hitchin' a Ride
This snowman knew the rain was coming so he's getting a ride to Labrador. Taken By Michelle Price, and made by Donna Smith, Marion Stone, Maureen Spurrell on March 12. Rattle, Little Hearts Ease, Trinity Bay.
donna smith
gooseberry cove TB..NL A0E 2A0

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My First Fishing Season in Forteau Bay
My Name is Robert Butt and I was born in 1949 in Blanc Sablon. I then moved to English Point at the age of seven. I grew up fast and went fishing with Stanley Trimm at age 16. In the month of June he called me to go fishing with him, casting for caplin, fixing up our wharf, we had to put new planks on it each year and get trawls ready to fish. ... click to read more
Robert Butt
Forteau, NL

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That's a Stretch
My name is Pat Carew from Witless Bay. I am 88 plus 10 months. I have five girls & boys. My oldest girl is 68. I was laying on my couch one Sunday morning in June. I was listening to the radio and I dosed to sleep and when I woke and stretched my little girl was looking at me. I said, "I'd stretch to Tors Cove now only for the trouble of walking back." And she looked at me and said, "Daddy you could come back on the bus." I am after telling it some often but I never wrote it before. After 70 years I finally did, it may be worth printing. Thank you.
Pat Carew
Witless Bay, NL

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Life’s Funny
I was showing my three-year-old daughter a picture of myself when I was pregnant with her. I said, "oh, look at mommy's belly, it was so big - that's when I was pregnant with you and you were in mommy's belly." Her quick response was "Mommy, why did you eat me?"

Nancy MacDonald
Erinville, NS

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Berry Picking
I went to my aunt's shortly after I arrived in Garnish, to find most of my cousins and my aunt around the kitchen table and immediately joined them. My wife, Margie, was with me as we sat down. Towards the end of our visit I said to my cousin Bertha, "Hey Bert, come blueberry picking with me tomorrow?"

She said, "No, me son, I'm not going blueberry picking with you." I was rather offended
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James Grandy
Nova Scotia

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Pole Tax
It was 1951 when we arrived in Halifax. Our new home was on the third floor of an apartment building. Us kids felt trapped compared to the open spaces we were used to in Garnish.

We all wanted to go back home and so did mom. "Dad was always away on the draggers anyway, I should never have left, I can't get used to this place," she said.

I felt sorry for all
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James Grandy
Nova Scotia

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Shoo-fly Sandwich
My grandmother Emily (Caines at the time) grew up in a small outport in Fortune Bay. The story takes place around the 1910-1920s era. Her uncle came to stay for a few days to visit. One night he was invited to the neighbour's house for a drink and to catch up on the local news. When he got home, everyone was sleeping. He decided to make himself a bite to eat before going to bed.
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Brian Allen
Lewisporte, NL

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