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Rock, Paper, Scissors….
My daughter-in-law, Leslie, is upstairs at her home fixing dinner and downstairs in the basement are her two youngest children Sam, 6, and Ella, 5, and they are playing the hand game, Rock, Paper, Scissors. Leslie listens for a bit to make sure they are playing nice and then hears Sam yell out, "Ella, you were supposed to put out scissors!" Without missing a beat, Ella screams back, "Sam, you know I'm not allowed to have scissors!"
Tom Stevenson
Ruffs Dale, Pa. USA

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Wide Load
One day in St. Louis, MO, my 3 1/2-year-old grandson and I watched as a large garbage truck used its forklift to unload garbage cans in the neighbourhood. Joshua especially liked hearing the siren sound as the truck backed up. A few days later, we were standing in line at the local grocery store check-out. A very large woman was in front of us when her pager went off. In the loudest 3 1/2-year- old-voice he could muster, Joshua said, "We'd better move Poppa; I think she's going to back up."
Frank Dyke
Reidville, NL

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Half Newfie or all Newfie?

When our grandson was 6 years old, I was explaining to him about his Newfoundland heritage. I told him his Nan is all Newfie, his dad is half Newfie and he is one quarter Newfie. He thought about it for a few
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Daphne Izer

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A Sticky Situation
While on a trip from St. John's to Corner Brook, our daughter-in-law's parents stopped at our house in Grand Falls-Windsor for a cup of tea and a break from the long drive. Knowing that her mother loved toutons we made sure that we had them all ready along with a bowl of pea soup. We placed the toutons on the table along with a mason jar half full of molasses. As she was eating the
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Ed Power
5 Kenmore Dr., GrandFalls-Windsor, Nl, A2B 1A9

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Welcome to Newfoundland, Melissa

Met my wife in Alberta. bought here here to see newfoundland for first time.
I thought it would be a nice shot getting her by the ocean. (cape ray lighthouse)
Should of told her how quick the waves can splash, I guess. but what fun would that of been. lol. Christened her quickly to Newfoundland. She still loves me, and Newfoundland too! We've since made our home here now.
chris battiste

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One Child's Meaning of Easter
The Grade 1 teacher was telling her class the Easter story. She was trying to get them to say "resurrection." She said it starts with a "re" and ends in "tion."

My grandson Neal thought for a minute and raised his hand. The teacher asked him if he knew what the word was. "Yes," he said. "Rise and shine."
Pauline Chambers
Orangeville, ON

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Egg On Your Face
Recently I met a former student of mine whom I taught about 45 years ago.He told me when I was teaching him in the late 1960's he was part of a group that kept a hen each so they could have a fresh egg every now and then. He did not have a hen himself and decided to steal one from my father's chicken coup. He took it home and told his parents that a
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Ed Power
5 Kenmore Dr., GrandFalls-Windsor, Nl, A2B 1A9

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