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Stories from our readers
Downhome magazine only has space for a mere fraction of the great stories sent to us by readers. Luckily, they're all available here. You'll find fond reminiscences about the past and personal experiences to which we can all relate.

Click to comment or view a larger image   90 Cards For a 90th Birthday

As of this year, the two oldest senoir citizens in the small coastal community of Saint-Augustin, Quebec have both turned 90 years old, or maybe I should say "90 years young." Mrs. Margaret Leon (affectionately known as Maggie) and Mr. Percival Wellman
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Abby Wellman
St. Augustin,

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Newfoundlanders are Unique
Below you will find a persuasive essay penned by Rachel Barnes, one of my 15-year-old Grade 9 students at G.C. Rowe Junior High in Corner Brook, NL. After reading a couple of blogs written by non-Newfoundlanders detailing their experiences in our fair province, watching a number of videos on the internet created by The Independent, and numerous Tourism Newfoundland and Labrador commercials, I challenged my students to write an essay which argues how Newfoundlanders are
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Lisa Thistle
Newfoundland and Labrador

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Ma Bayly's Darkest Hour
Ma Bayly sat at her kitchen table, steaming mug of tea in hand, pondering what to make for supper as the whole brood were coming tonight and she always prided herself on putting on a good spread. Lost in thought, she jumped at a sudden frantic banging at the kitchen door. It was Eileen, her grandson Stan's intended, red-eyed and flushed.

"Why Eileen me luv, what in the world's the matter? Come in, come
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Jane Windsor
Heart's Content, Newfoundland

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Sinnot's Bridge
I don't know really what category this belongs under in the Downhomer, but I was encouraged to send it on anyway. I hope it doesn't break with format too much and that you and your readers will enjoy it. MR

Sinnott's Bridge M.S. Roberts

Halfyard Sinnott's head pounded as the light streaked through the blinds of his chilly bedroom. Straining to open one blood-shot eye, he focused narrowly on the clock
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Maria Roberts
Cold Lake, Alberta via Grand Falls NL

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Click to comment or view a larger image   The Rescue

January 12, 2013 will be a day forever in my son, Jordan's memory - a day that he says determined his future employment.

Jordan is 15 years of age and in grade 10 in Buchans, Newfoundland. Ever since Jordan was able
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natalie lane

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Click to comment or view a larger image   Outport Outdoor Newfoundland Wedding

Additional photo.
Debra Harley
Warkworth, Ontario

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The Easter Bunny called Mr. Bayly! (Ma Bayly Saves The Day!)
Ma Bayly stood by the kitchen stove carefully removing the hardboiled eggs from the steaming pan and placing them into a large pot of cold water. Next would be the setting of the special 'Easter Egg Table,' a time-honored tradition in Ma Bayly's house. First came the plastic table cloth with Easter bunnies frolicking all over it, next the paints and paintbrush sets, with jars of water to rinse off one colour before choosing another,
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Jane Windsor
Heart's Content, Newfoundland

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