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  Morning Swim

We often look out the window of our summer home and see moose or caribou swimming across the lake.
Rosemary Howse

(3.5 rating, 4 votes)
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  Ma and Pa ducks and their 8 ducklings

Two adult ducks and 8 ducklings passed by our cabin most of the summer, going west in the morning and back east in the evening, almost the same time every day. Anybody know why they travel like this?
Rosemary Howse

(3 rating, 3 votes)
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  The Bird Man
Sitting on the patio at the cabin is no restful feat when two anxious grey jays want to feed off you!
Lisa Keats

(3.04 rating, 27 votes)
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  Visitor at my Window

A pair of grey jays are regular visitors at my cabin at Northwest Arm just outside Glovertown, Bonavista Bay. They are bold enough to come to the window and beg for food. But we don't mind, we enjoy having them around!
Lisa Keats

(3 rating, 12 votes)
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  Logan Chasing His Shadow

While visiting Poppy Nash in Colinet I discovered my shadow - but I never caught it!
Loretta Nash

(3.4 rating, 5 votes)
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  Wine With Wings
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  The Kippens Ledge
Our two sons, Michael and Stephen, have been visiting a place they call “The Ledge” for two summers now. They say the scenery and swimming is second to none. "The Ledge" runs along Kippens River, near Stephenville, NL. They say it’s more beautiful than any place you’ve ever seen. (Editor's note: Michael and Stephen created this video themselves. Unfortunately, the popular song they incorporated cannot be heard here for copyright reasons.)
Michelle MacIsaac

(3.18 rating, 33 votes)
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  Feeding the Grey Jays

Spending time at the cabin is all the more pleasureable with a visit from our friends the Jays. They are tame enough to eat out of your hand - and they keep coming back for more. I recorded this at my cabin
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Lisa Keats

(2.95 rating, 19 votes)
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