September 2010 Puzzle Answers

The Beaten Path

Themed Crossword


Downhome Detective
The Encyclopedia Britannica has been printed by the University of Chicago since 1943, and before that it was owned and printed by Sears Roebuck, a large US retailer. It did originate in Scotland, but that was in 1771.

Picturesque Place Names
Jenkins Cove

Double Definition
Arrest (A Rest)

Incidental Idioms
1.D, 2.B, 3.C, 4.E, 5.A

In Other Words
Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or die.

A Way With Words

Rhyme Time
1.fake an ache, 2.sick chick, 3. copper stopper

Jumbled Jargon
If you donít have the time to read, you donít have the time or the tools to write. Ė Stephen f1 King

29 is the Perfect Cribbage Hand

Rhymes Five Times
1. aglow, 2. ago, 3. bestow, 4. below, 5. forego

Scrambled Sayings
Do not be awe struck by other people and try to copy them. Nobody can be you as efficiently as you can ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Know Your Newfoundland and Labrador
1. bird, 2. Wesleyville, 3. flamingo, 4. Polych

What do you know
1. Venezuela, 2. pancreas, 3. Arabic, 4. paper

True North
1. Genie, 2. Niagara Falls, 3. Halifax, 4. St. Johnís

East Coast Quiz
1. Prince Edward Island, 2. Newfoundland and Labrador, 3. Shediac, 4. Pictou

The Bayman's Crossword Puzzle


Sounds familiar
A midsummer nightís dream

Tangled Towns
1. Melroses, 2. Carbonear, 3. Hopedale, 4. Irishtown, 5. Jamestown

Four-Way Crossword


Dial A Smile
The sneakiest two-word phrase in the English language is ďplus taxĒ

Crack the Code
Knowing when to speak is often more important than knowing what to say

Food For Thought
The biggest fool of all is the one who fails to profit by his mistakes

Analogical Anagrams
1. volunteer, 2. luckless, 3. travelled, 4. pitchfork, 5. judicial.

Different Strokes
1. Shed, 2. Leg, 3. Glove, 4. Window, 5. Door, 6. Splitting table, 7. Codfish, 8. Wharf, 9. House, 10. Boat, 11. Gump, 12. Coal Bin

Finish the Rhyme

1.C, 2.E, 3.B, 4.H, 5.D, 6.I, 7.F, 8.A, 9.G

Kiddie Riddles
1.C, 2.E, 3.D, 4.B, 5.A

The Kiddie Quiz
1.A, 2.B, 3.C, 4.B, 5.C

Hide and Seek