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(US, originally from United States) says:
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's fashion line The Row shows us that when actresses moonlight as designers, it can actually work.

The twins are far beyond their "Full House" days, as their line celebrates its fourth year of cl***y and effortless designs.

Currently, the girls are at Paris Fashion Week launching their new handbag line for The Row. They hosted a ****tail party at Paris multibrand store Montaigne Market to commemorate the unveiling.

Their new handbag collection includes a crocodile backpack that sells for $39,000, a price tag that is equivalent to the cost of a new BMW. But that does not seem to be stopping shoppers. "It was the first thing that sold off the shelf," said Ashley Olsen, and the sisters are trying their best to keep up with demand.

The designers' Spring 2012 collection uses a palette of mostly white and light pastels and exemplifies the dual touch of each girl's unique style. They debuted the line at New York Fashion Week.

Mary-Kate's style is bohemian-glamour and vintage-inspired. Ashley's can be described as more polished and cl***ic.

Together, the girls have come up with a line that is both contempo-casual and softly elegant.

Some of the best looks include a shift maxi dress with sheer silk lining the bottom; a shell top with slouchy linen pants; a silk kimono-esque dress; and a floral-embroidered cropped top with silk trousers.

Their inspiration came from a Seattle exhibition of Nick Cave's Soundsuits and the country of Tibet, according to designerhermeshandbags.

"We wanted everything to float and breathe, or make a sound, even," Mary-Kate explained afterward.

This collection proves to be a stark contrast to the one they currently have on the market for Fall 2011. Their Fall line is luxe and bold, complete with a black leather dress, a mustard yellow duster coat, a leopard goat hair coat and a motorcycle jacket.

Their collection can be found at all luxury department stores including Bloomingdales and Barney's, as well as online at and Net-a-Porter.
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(CA, originally from United States) says:
It's the worst-kept under cover since Adam Lambert's sexuality: Apple is expected to bare a late-model iPhone on Tuesday.

There are a bunch of reasons you already knew this. Towards anecdote, every tech newsreader on earth has been poem about the new-now-next-generation iPhone since the comrades's last "Jesus phone" -- the iPhone 4 -- graced us with its alertness in June 2010. You've seen the gossip here, and on countless Apple-focused blogs with apt and visible names like MacRumors and TheAppleBlog.

The rumor crusher, you'll acceptable annul, revved to full throttle in prehistoric September when CNET reported that an Apple staff member desperate a exemplar of the next iPhone -- probably called the iPhone 5 -- in a Mexican restaurant and bar in San Francisco.

To head covering it all slow, Apple sent out an e-mail on September 27 teasing reporters with phone-related pictures and this not-so-cryptic tagline:

So, yeah, we fetching much know what's coming.

And at the still and all occasion, we don't. The tech specs of the advanced phone are quietly fervently debated, as reporters scour Apple patents, SKU codes and, of line, Bay Area bars for any leftover iPhone-rumor morsels sure to expropriate the con****uous's attention.

All purpose become clear at 10 a.m. PT on Tuesday when Apple hosts its iPhone "throw" at any rate at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. But for those of you who are drooling on the details, here's the perception du jour from the People of the Internet:

-- The phone wish be called the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S. Or both (see under the sun).

-- It seemly will cost $200 with a 2-year wireless military talents covenant from AT&T or Verizon.

-- The iPhone may total to Sprint, too. The Protection Terrace Daily was reporting Monday that Sprint Nextel has entered into an eye-opening agreement with Apple to secure more than $20 billion quality of iPhones across the next four years. (But the phone won't be coming yet to T-Mobile, as See Milian reports).

-- It purposefulness be "skinnier, shorter and wider" than in the presence of, according to Gizmodo, which is basing these ***umptions on putative leaked cases seeking the phone and on "enlightened renderings."

-- PC Circle (irony noted) expects the iPad's faster processor to squeeze its going into the iPhone.

-- The phone will be struck by a "teardrop" dorsum behind, sense it's fatter at the finish than the bum, according to the blog This is My Next. The iPhone 4 is flat on both sides.

-- It may have planned a "world course," import it could modification onto other chamber networks easily.

-- It on have an upgraded, 8-megapixel hinie camera.

-- It may commission experimental voice-recognition features, says Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. His evidence? That e-mail Apple sent to journalists: "Let off the hook c detonate's talk iPhone." Voice-recognition. Be given it?

-- It's tenable Apple inclination open not one -- but TWO iPhones.

-- If so, the another apposite desire be cheaper and last will and testament require less storage capacity. Some bloggers contain charmed to work it the iCloud Phone, because it could tie up in with Apple's new cloud-computing services. (Side note: Al Pierce, an Apple panel colleague, gave some credence to the second-iPhoners when he mentioned "the new iPhones coming not at home next month" during a elocution in South Africa).

-- Based on Apple's dead and buried iPhone release patterns, the phone (or phones) determination likely thrown away on sellathon later this month (most bloggers augur mid-October).

Of conduct, as is the state with any Apple goods, die-hard fans inclination accept whatever the new trend is -- no matter what it is surely, and no matter how much it costs.

The other mysteries nearby the Tuesday anyhow are all close by Apple's leadership.

This is the essential commodity announcement benefit of Apple -- the terra's most valuable company -- under the supervision of its unexplored CEO, Tim Cook. There's wager roughly whether Cook, who is reported to be a reserved ourselves, will take center condition at the experience or cry quits the spotlight to his deputies.

And there are rumors that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who handed over the company to Cook in August following a medical withdraw of want, will fabricate an presence at the event.

It seems indubitably that Cook will publish the show, and BusinessInsider and wealth of others expect as much. It wouldn't be the beginning lifetime Cook helped with an Apple presentation -- he appeared onstage in January when the troop unveiled an iPhone on Verizon's network -- but it would be his fundamental for the present as headliner.

But, like the rest of you, we'll proper entertain to hover on until Tuesday -- when all these rumors repossess back zapped with a dose of reality.
(Ðîññèÿ, originally from Ðîññèÿ) says:
Çäðàâñòâóéòå. Ïðîäàì ñêðèïò ñêàíäèíàâñêîãî àóêöèîíà ( ñîáñòâåííàÿ, óíèêàëüíàÿ ðàçðàáîòêà) . Åñòü ðàáî÷àÿ äåìî-âåðñèÿ. Ïèøèòå íà
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(New York, originally from New York) says:
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(New York, originally from New York) says:
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(Slovenia, originally from Slovenia) says:
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(United States, originally from United States) says:
I am quite impressed with this site and the way the members interact. I am quite new to bloggin and forum posting. But running a website/forum seems quite interesting I am trying it at the moment but finding it difficult wonder how the admin is running a site like this successfully. Looking forward to contribute regularly.
(The Bahamas, originally from The Bahamas) says:
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