The Red Cross Nurse

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Nov 30, -0001 12:00 AM
She's somebody's sister, she's maybe yours,
Or maybe she's one of your pals;
But to you she is just a Red Cross Nurse,
A Queen among all other girls.

You may be asleep, or unconscious in pain,
When you're laid on that hospital bed;
But when you awake, through the gloom you will see
A smile, and bright cross of red

That smile holds a million things never said,
Of friendship and deep sympathy;
You lie there in silence, afraid it's a dream
And you'll awake to the grim agony.

It's not the smile of the girl you love,
Or your wife or your mother dear;
It includes them all, and then she speaks
In the tongue you are longing to hear.

She's life to a soldier, she's balm for his wound.
She's the sun that tears clouds apart;
She reads him letters, and writes to his friends
And comforts a sad, lonely heart.

To many who know her, she's comfort and joy,
Their suffering could be a lot worse,
In silence they pray, the Father to bless,
The glorious, Red Cross Nurse.

Written by Hayward C. Hillier of Green's Harbour, Newfoundland while serving in Italy during World War Two. "The Red Cross Nurse" was one of many poems Hayward wrote while serving overseas. Hayward passed away in 1978.

Hayward and his English bride Eva, whom he met while serving overseas during World War Two, with their two daughters, Eileen and Nora.