Remember Skipper & Company?

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  • Posted: Jun 15, 2017 12:46 PM

From 1974-1989, kids in Newfoundland and Labrador tuned in to CBC-TV to see if they or anyone they knew were on this week’s episode of “Skipper & Company.” School choirs, dance groups, talented individuals and interesting locals of all ages were welcome visitors to Skipper's lighthouse on fictional Rainbow Point. The show was part-skit, part-talent show and part-children’s education. It was classic CBC regional entertainment.

Skipper was played by Montreal-born Ray Bellew, an actor and magician who often performed magic tricks on the show. After “Skipper & Company,” Bellew moved to CBC Radio as announcer and producer, and later portrayed PJ Billington, bringing the St. John’s restaurant character to life. He died in 2006 at  the age of 67.

A regular visitor to the lighthouse was Skipper’s loyal and comical buddy, Corky, played by Mack Barfoot. Since “Skipper & Company,” Mack acted in several movies and appeared as “Crazy Clyde” Crump on “The Eddie Eastman Show.” Mack is currently the drummer in his jazz band, Mack Barfoot Trio.

Alicia "Celeste" Loughrey

NL minds think alike, I tweeted a Skipper & Company video in May :)

Gary Cross

I remember being on 'Skipper' but it was long before 1974. I found a website that says it started in 1969 which would make more sense to me, I was 10 that year. Loved the Show!