A VERY Special Message in a Bottle

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Aug 01, 2013 3:01 PM
Colby Young, son of Downhome Inc. president Grant Young, prepares to launch the bottles in Conception Bay.

After a six-month-long nomination period and much deliberation, 25 finalists have been selected for our "Give the Gift of a Dream Cruise Vacation" contest, courtesy of Downhome and Universal Travel. Just days ago, each of the finalists' names were placed in 25 special glass bottles and tossed into the ocean in Conception Bay. The person whose name is inside the very first bottle that is found and registered at www.yourmessageinabottle.com will be the lucky winner of a dream cruise vacation! (If no bottle is found and registered by September 30, 2013, a winner will be selected by random draw.)

Downhome staff were touched by the inspirational stories of these 25 individuals, including a soldier who served in Afghanistan, tireless volunteers, caregivers dedicated to the care of elderly or ill family members and more.

So if you're out and about boating, or combing the beaches of our province, be sure to keep your eye out for these extra special bottles. The person who finds the first (winning) bottle will receive a free subscription to Downhome and a $100 gift certificate to the Downhome Shoppe. And the best part? You'll have a hand in awarding a deserving individual with the vacation of a lifetime.

Now, without further ado, we'd like to send a warm congratulations - and the best of luck - to the following 25 deserving individuals, whose fates now lie in the ocean tides!

Michelle Oliver, nominated by Kim Earle
Maisie Newhook, nominated by Lee Newhook
Shirin Kiahosseini, nominated by Haleh Kiahosseini
Bill Molloy, nominated by Jacqueline Molloy
Patricia Furey, nominated by Rebecca Furey
Anna Cassidy, nominated by Fred Hooper
Lorna Coffin, nominated by Anne Coffin
Susan Herdman, nominated by Janet Dukes
Barbara Anne Collins Brown, nominated by Victoria Ruth Larson
Joy Pilgrim, nominated by Nicole Peddle
Brian Duggan, nominated by the Warr family
Mary March, nominated by Ashley March
Gerard Connors, nominated by Donna Connors
Gerine Collingwood, nominated by David Collingwood
Ben Hayley, nominated by Jacqui Hayley
Linda Winter, nominated by Tina Winter
Tara Lee Barry, nominated by Darcy Barry
Lalena Nicholas, nominated by Heather Osmond
Austin Osmond, nominated by Barbara Budgell
Cora Bennett, nominated by Jessie Bambridge
Garry Bendell, nominated by Roland Andrews
George Payne, nominated by Maxine Payne
Harold O'Keefe, nominated by Judy French
Christine Howse, nominated by Bruce Chapell
Sheila Hogan, nominated by Alicia Celeste Loughrey

Here's a quick snippet of our bottle launch!

Janice Stuckless

A bottle has been found! Congratulations to Cora Bennett, whose name was inside the bottle found on St. Philips beach on Saturday, Aug. 17! Read more about Cora and how her bottle was found in the October issue of Downhome.