Hug in a Cup!

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Oct 04, 2012 4:58 PM
Once again September has come and gone with a blur. School is back in full swing with lunches, homework, and rallying the troops for early mornings out the door.

This year I decided to be proactive and ban the use of all electronic apparatus before school in the morning. Computers, iPads, iPhones, PlayStations and television- no little fingers are to touch said devices until three o'clock. With distractions gone, our mornings have taken on a much more pleasant tone; one without chest pains and racing to the car to be on time.

A month later we have comfortably settled in to Grades Six and Four and our Little Miss off to Kindergarten. Oddly enough, it's been more of an adjustment that either of us had thought. At first, it seemed my little "cling-on" was never going to putter off without hesitation. Yet, slowly but surely, she now goes off without a hitch and I actually think she's really liking school.

As per usual, hockey tryouts are in full throttle. Our oldest, now in Peewee, no longer requires (or wants) our help in the locker room and putters off without a second look. The "love you too, Mom" and "Later Dad's", have been substituted with a simple smile and a nod. Ouch.

As my mother says, "He's getting to that age you know." I sigh, awkwardly smile to myself, and with hesitation, lovingly agree. Somewhere in the ten weeks of summer, our three kids leaped and bounded toward "growing up" and my husband and I are having a little trouble catching up. Right now, I'm quite grateful for the dog. Having just had our one-year anniversary, the little guy is providing some very much need extra companionship.

Like every year, hockey brings with it a new round of tryouts, team selections and a ton of, "My nerves are gone!" Kids wanting to be with their old teammates, parents mulling over rosters, Hockey Moms regrouping after a summer apart, "rink rat" siblings scurrying around the rink...honestly, it's quite the site. The action on the ice is equally comparable to the "action" off the ice.

Parents hold to their cell phones as if their lives depend on it; "refresh, refresh refresh","What? It's still not up?" Yet, it's the comradery that keeps us all glued together, and texting at 1 am in the morning, alerting the masses that the ever dreaded, ever anticipated "list" has been uploaded. (Phew)

On we go. Christmas decorations have already made their way to the shelves, pumpkin spiced lattes and seasonal teas are steadily flowing. Just as I felt I had conquered world of "latte" this and frappuccino "that," I have now discovered an entire new world of tea!

Gone are the days when I would mock my grandmother and her hot cup of Tetley. I have found "David's Tea" and all things wonderful that come with it; LimeGelato, PomPower and my new guilty pleasure, Forever Nuts. Oh my!

Like a good patron, I sport my travel mug, complete with built in filter, so my "Tea to Go" is steeped to perfection. If nothing else, at the end of the day, when the house falls quiet, I find myself enjoying a warm, silky, "hug in a cup" (without all the calories- bonus!) It's a tie between "Banana Nut Bread" and the "Forever Nuts" tea, but no other words describe them than a "soothing, warm snuggle."

It's here I'll say "'til next time." as I steep my hot cup of goodness, surf the internet while intermittently clicking- refresh, refresh, refresh!

I remain....